I remember, quite a few years ago, the top covering of the stovepipe outside (there's a name for it; I can't recall it at the moment) fell off and rolled down the roof and fell into the backyard. However, at the time, I had no idea it was what it was, and thought it had fallen out of the sky. I went to go see what had fallen down the roof and found this big, round, blackened thing lying in the grass back there and originally thought it came from outer space! Like a piece that had broken off a dead satellite or something. Only after I got the courage to go really up to it (and not over a dozen feet away) and see what it was did I realize what happened. Part of me still had wished it was from outer space, though! That would have been way more cool than just your stovepipe breaking down.

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Some part of me wants to go there and see it for myself! Another part says its a bad idea to see something in person that looks eerie on pictures.

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Ever found something weird in your yard?

  • No, never have
  • Yes, and it was strange
  • Not that I recall
  • I only find ordinary things
  • I don't have a yard

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