I just finished watching the end of a Sci-fi TV series. It had a nice, fulfilling ending. I was worried it would have a cliffhanger ending, as some TV series do (which can be highly annoying, because it leaves you wondering too much), or even a bad ending where you feel unsettled. It was called Earth: Final Conflict, if you want to look for it. The series is almost twenty years old, so I'm sure there are episodes floating around on the internet out there, somewhere.

This Week's Trivia


I don't have any floorboards (my ground floor is solid cement) and I've always lived in my house (no previous owners... dad built the house himself), so I'll likely never find hidden stuff in my house that someone else stashed there. My property, though, that's another story, so there's hope still of finding treasure!

This Week's Poll

What sort of TV series ending do you prefer?

  • Sappy
  • Just plain ol' "happy" will do
  • Sad
  • Cliffhanger (where you don't know what will happen next)
  • Grey-area ending (both good and bad)
  • I don't really care
  • Something else

That's all, folks!


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