For the life of me, I can't figure out how to make socks. I can make many other things with yarn, be it a hat, a scarf, a giant blanket, a sweater vest or even mittens, but I just can't figure out socks. Its the heel that stumps me. Plus, I can't read patterns for crocheting (make that knitting, too, even though I can't knit). They seem like they are written in a foreign language that I was never really able to decipher. If you can figure out yarn patterns and make socks, kudos to you, but for me I end up making weird looking things that get unraveled because it just didn't look like any kind of sock a human foot could wear.

This Week's Trivia

French's Yellow Mustard ice cream, anyone?

This Week's Poll

Do you wear socks?

  • Only in the winter
  • Only when my feet get cold
  • Only sock-like slippers when I sleep or bum around the house
  • Only to work
  • When the fancy strikes me
  • I don't even know what a sock is

That's all, folks!


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