As another Valentines Day rolls around, I am alone on this special day yet again. I also find myself looking back on years where I tried very hard to get a date (never happened, I never met these guys in person; it was all online) and remember some incredibly romantic things those guys said to me:

  • "If you don't get a smartphone, I'm leaving!" Yeah... I didn't like being told to buy stuff I couldn't afford. Needless to say, I never got a smartphone, and he left, as he said he would.
  • "You're too tall. I want someone shorter than me." I am 5' 9 1/2". Not five-foot-ten, not five-foot-nine, but in the middle. I don't care about height, but he sure did. Good luck getting a woman who's a foot shorter than you when you're 5' 3" yourself.
  • "You're too friendly." This one messed me up bad. So, because I'm a warm, friendly person, that makes me terrible? What the hell was I supposed to be? Cold and aloof?
  • "You're just a stupid white woman." Thanks, man. I've never been racist, but he accused me of being one when I simply asked, "Can we talk through email?" instead of WhatsApp or voice chat, as I don't have the tech. This was his classic response.
  • "You're too old." I was 29 at the time. He was 35. Six years younger than you is "too old"? Good luck out there, asshole.
  • "You're not supposed to look for love in a relationship. It's stupid." Wait, what? If I'm not "supposed" to get love from a relationship, what the hell am I supposed to expect? I asked him out of angry curiosity what the hell I "should be looking for" (as he put it), but of course he couldn't (or wouldn't) answer.
  • "I've been struggling with this a long time, but... I don't think you're attractive. I need someone pretty and you're not." He'd teased me before this, saying he "had something to tell me". Since we'd been talking a few months, I thought it would be something good... instead it was this gem. He said he'd "tried to overlook" the fact that I was not "attractive" to him, but apparently in the end (even though he told me plenty of times I was a great person with so many good qualities and he loved said qualities) my being unattractive repelled him. This one still haunts me to this day.

All of these are not romantic, of course. I say "romantic" with extreme sarcasm only. There were many more hurtful things said, but this is long enough as it is. I still am offended on how many people basically stipulated that I have some sort of "smart" tech for any sort of relationship to happen. I say this is horrible behavior and if you're going to be that shallow (also in accordance to the above statements), you don't need anyone.

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