I defeated Lord Harkon last night. Arch-Curate Vyrthur was far easier than him, with me only using a couple potions of "Plentiful Healing" to deal with him. Harkon was a pain in the ass, even with Auriel's Bow. He used Mist and Bat forms constantly, used some red ball projectile in addition to Vampiric Drain to constantly heal himself, and summoned more minions than Serana could deal with on her own. He teleported around, ran too fast and arrows dinked off the scenery uselessly as I aimed for him (when normally I'm a great shot, even on non-archery-based characters) and infected me five times with the vampire disease (which stunts your health by 25 points) as he continued to drain my health. It took a good chunk of my potion collection (a good thirty "Plentiful" and "Vigorous" healing potions used in the battle) to stay this side of living. After the third time i was infected I just said "fuck this" and didn't bother wasting hawk feathers and cure disease potions curing myself when he'd just infect me again. I couldn't use Dawnbreaker or my silver sword (which lead pretty handily to Vyrthur's and every other undead's swift defeat) because of his blasted mist form and bats. That guy was a real pain. With my next character, I'm gonna do sleath and kill him that way, if I can.

This Week's Trivia

"Poltroon" is a derivative of the Italian word "poltrone" which means a coward, through and through. I was a poltrone when dealing with Fontaine in Bioshock. I couldn't force myself to get closeer than twenty or thirty feet and when he did get close (he had powerful melee attacks that swung your view around and disoriented you) I ran away. He looked creepy, too. I just couldn't face him in close quarters. Every time I tried to be tougher (and reasoning that this was just a game; he wasn't real) and get close enough for perhaps a shotgun blast, I chickened out and split in the other direction. I was a poltrone.

This Week's Fallout News

Fallout: New Vegas turned 10 years old this week. A whole decade of the Mojave.

Man, really? Already? Fallout 3 is now 12 years old, too. Where has that time gone?

Last Week's Polls

Do your characters in games tend to be heavy tanks (take on the most powerful enemies in open combat), agile fighters (dance around the enemies in melee or close-range battle) or stealthy assassins (shooting from far distances or stealth kills up close)?

  • Agile fighters. I know I'm not the only one to have noticed that Heavy Armor (be it Fallout or Skyrim) slows you down way more than Light Armor. So most of the time I choose Light over Heavy simply for the movement bonus.
  • A triple tie of something else, Heavy Tanks (I'm building one right now in Skyrim; I'll see if she works out like planned) and Stealthy Assassins. This is most what I go for. You could call it my favorite type. I don't know why i tend to gravitate to this kind of build, but I do.
  • You mix it up. I have a Block and One-Handed character, a Two-Handed character, a Dual Wielding (a weapon in each hand) character, an Archery assassin, a spellsword (magic plus a weapon in the other hand) and a planned Mage. As ideas come to me, I create another character.

How much money (in-game money, that is) do you tend to have on you at all times (for buying, etc.)?

  • Only about half. But...what if you ran across something you wanted, but didn't have the money for? Waht would you do then?
  • And everyone else said they keep all that they have on their person. Let's hope that there are no pickpockets in the game universe...they'd find that "good haul" on you...

This Week's Polls

That's all, folks!


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