I haven't been able to play a good, immersive video game in well over a year now (I haven't been able to play anything at all), due to the CD tray of my xbox breaking last year. But I am in a conundrum: what exactly do I miss about it? Is it the settings? Skyrim was pretty fully explorable (few blocked off areas), but there were plenty of areas in Fallout and Rapture (of the Bioshock universe) that were simply off limits due to immovable rubble or whatnot. I wanted to explore Every.Last.Inch of Every.Last.Building, but due to the way the game was engineered, I simply couldn't. That always bothered me (especially in a unique place like Rapture). Was it the immersive gameplay? I often lost that I was in a game at all, but there were times I hated the choice you had to make in a quest or were forced to do something by way of the game was laid out (like siding with a character I hated). Was it the characters? There were some that gave me the creeps (Bioshock's end boss), some I totally detested (Bioshock 2's main antagonist), and some that annoyed me to no end (Big Sisters in Bioshock 2, Deathclaws in Fallout: New Vegas). There were also characters that I loved, and still reminisce about them. Was it the music? I am cut off from much of the music of the games. I have some from the different eras the developers also borrowed from, but not nearly as much, or so wide a selection in my collection. There were some of My True Favorites on games that sometimes I played just to hear the music. I also loved that you could go to another world (even though it was fictional) and be someone. Especially with free-roam games. But at the same time, I think that creating my own universe on paper fueled by my own imagination and inspired and influenced by my old favorite games could be better than the (known) limitations of current video games. I would still love, though, to get one of my favorites for my computer to play again, one day. I'd have to get it upgraded, however, because its current video and graphics card is woefully outdated. That would be a challenge, because mom and dad are firm believers of "When you're no longer a teenager, you shouldn't be playing games." Maybe Providence will smile upon me one day...

This Week's Trivia

Dry ice is 109.3 degrees below zero. That's Fahrenheit, not Celsius. 10 of you got it right!

What are the two (correct) meanings of the word "Gamin"?

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Last Week's Polls

Has all this "staying at home" from the pandemic made you bored?

  • Only a little. I still can't quite put my finger on what I miss in particular about video games...
  • Totally. I believe it could be the "visiting another world" thing. I miss visiting in-depth worlds...Warcraft 3 is nice, but it just doesn't cut it for the whole "lose yourself in a game" thing...
  • Not really. Oh, did I trail off? Must have. Oh well. But I still miss what I miss about video games...

Have you ever had a person you really liked in law enforcement? (be it a sister, father, a sheriff you voted for, etc.)

  • You don't know anyone like that. Me neither, but that didn't stop me from liking someone in particular!
  • Yes! Mine in particular is a Sheriff from a neighboring county. He looks like he could be a Terminator. Built like one, too. I sort of "fangirl" out when he's on TV. No, I've never known him personally, but that didn't stop me from liking him! =P
  • Nah. I don't know that Sheriff, but that didn't stop me! Hell, I'm not even in the same county...

This Week's Polls

What would be better, in your opinion?

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Do you think developers could ever run out of ideas for new video games?

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