I know fashions come and go, but I think "bad fashions" stay around too long. The long beards thing, for instance. Who invented that style? Sure, the Victorian men had long whiskers, but they had hair on their heads! They didn't shave their hair off and then seem to "compensate" for lack of scalp hair for a stupidly long beard. Too many guys I see these days have the long beard thing going, and I think ugh. I like goatees or a little chin dusting, but beards are too much for me.

This Week's Trivia

In going with the "beard" theme, when Abraham Lincoln was running for president, a true-blue Democrat named Valentine Tapley from Pike County, Missouri, swore that if Lincoln got elected, he'd never shave again. He kept his word and his chin whiskers when unshorn from November of 1860 to when he died in 1910, at which said beard was an impressive 12 feet six inches. He seems to have gotten a little insane in the meantime (if he wasn't already by not shaving at all), because by the time he died, he was obsessed with the fear that when he kicked the bucket, someone would rob his grave for his very long beard, so he set aside a large sum of money to be used for a double-strength tomb.

I wonder how he ate or...groomed his beard? Did he wrap it around his neck like a scarf? Twelve and a half feet is long.

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Last Week's Polls

Do you ever have a hard time switching over from one year to the next?

  • You don't know what year it is now (if you never pay attention, yeah, I lose track of day and night sometimes - when I'm in bed and its dark - so I can understand that) and every year. Why is part of me stuck back in 2019? IS it because i wish I could turn back time? Man, I wish I could. I wouldn't have spent any time dating losers that needed me to pay attention to them but not give me a minute in return...
  • You're good with it. The only thing i know is that I keep getting older and one of these days I'll be grey and old. Not cool with that, but what can be done?
  • Sometimes. Last year I had a really hard time. Its usually around March or so before I can get used to the idea of a new year. New decade? I only remember two, so yeah...

How do you kick off the new year?

  • A triple tie of not much in particular (me, too), ambling around the house (me, too!), and hanging out with friends. I'd do that too, if StormRider and Nomad were closer. The guys around here like to drink and they are not my type, me being a teetotaler.
  • Watching fireworks. The neighbors had some big ones I could hear, but I didn't go out and see. I did end up staying up for New Years, but only because I had indigestion (don't drink glasses of both milk and orange juice before bed), so it was an incidental thing. =/

This Week's Polls

That's all, folks!


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