There are some old sayings that are totally true (which is how they got to be Old Sayings, because they were true, like "One man's trash is another man's treasure"), but there are some that I - personally - think are not good. "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" is one. I have loved - and some of those I have loved deeply - and have lost those that I loved via some...means, and it was better than if I had never loved them at all, because the loss - while some time ago, either years or months, depending on what or who I loved in particular - still hurts, one way or another. Therefore, I think that while some things got to be Old Sayings, they are not a "one size fits all" situational kind of thing.

This Week's Trivia

You all very likely know about ginger, but did you know there is another plant in the same family - that even looks the same, too - called Plai? It is not that well known elsewhere, but it has been known in Thailand for a very long time, and while it is a spitting image of ginger, Plai cools, not heats, like ginger does. I don't know if it is edible, however. But it is used - the oil, anyway - in aromatherapy and massage.

This Week's Fallout News

An apparent "class war" has begun in some corners of FO76. Rumors (mostly spread around Reddit, some accurate and some not so much) report that a few players have begun banding together to fight against those who purchased Fallout 1st, with the idea being retribution against those who are allegedly paying to win. How often this has actually occurred in-game isn't clear, but it's managed to keep online chatter going, for better or worse.

Assassin teams? True or false, an even better reason to avoid online games. I don't exactly blame anyone, if any of this is true; I don't like the idea of having to pay for anything "to win". Add-ons are just supposed to be something fun to add stuff to your game, not you had to buy it to play the game.

Last Week's Polls

How often do you reorganize your closet?

  • Comment, your closet is all over your house (I take it you don't have people visit that much) and every other month. Even more on top of it than me! You either are a neat-freak or you don't have that many clothes.
  • Every other year (what sparks the need to clean?) and every year. I was one of those votes. Who was the other?
  • You never organize it. What lurks in the back? There could be some great clothes jammed in the back, you know. I find stuff shoved to the back every year, so I know.

Do you think Bethesda is going down a rabbit hole of mistakes in Fallout 76, and there is little to no chance of their return?

  • Just with Fallout 76, but their other games are good, (I loved Skyrim. Damn shame my computer won't run it...) and you can live with the game overall. Hey, if you think you can stand a bad game, who am I to judge (even though I just technically did)?
  • They can still turn it around somehow. How? Charging for things tends to be a slippery slope.
  • They started to run downhill in a bad adventure idea and they'll stumble and fall. How bad will that fall be? Only time will tell. I doubt total company bankruptcy (like some people out there no doubt hope for), but there's be a fall of some proportion.

This Week's Polls

Do you think some Old Sayings are ill-fitting for you?

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Did you have a Happy Halloween?

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That's all, folks!


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