Dad likes watching this farming show on Monday morning, and I tell him that whatever you see on nightly news or the internet is far newer, as this thing is taped a week before and then aired. But he exclaimed "I've got the remote!" like its an end-all statement. The show's boring and there's better stuff to watch and both me and mom don't like the show all that much, but he insists on watching it...because he has the remote. He also likes flipping through stations and just as I'm starting to watch something, he flips the channel again. I try to get it from him so we can stay on one channel, but he give me this look like "I've got the remote!" and that's supposed to be the end of the argument, but I still think he should share the thing a lot more than he does.

This Week's Trivia

The word "live" spelled backwards is "evil". Its one of those things that you don't notice until you do.

This Week's Fallout News

A new product named "Fallout Legacy Collection" has shown up on Amazon Germany. The collection will contain FO1, FO2, FO3 (GOTY edition), New Vegas (Ultimate edition), FO4 (GOTY edition), and Fallout Tactics too. Its tentative pricing is currently marked at €40, or a little under $45 USD. The Legacy Collection's indicated release date is October 25, which is interestingly the same date that The Outer Worlds will be getting released.

I guess it has been four years since Fallout 4 came out (really? that long?), so it would be "legacy". No Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel included, though. I guess it doesn't really exist in "legacy content".

Last Week's Polls

Have you ever told a joke that someone else thought was in poor taste?

  • You don't give a damn. What goes for you should go for everyone else, eh?
  • You felt bad later. I think that it could be changed simply by changing Hindi to another language and India to another country. Then it could be made to suit "tastes". Because it is a funny joke.
  • Know your audience. As per above. If I ever tell it, I'm changing the language and country mentioned in the original.

What online game would have been better: Project V13 (if it had been completed), or Fallout 76?

  • Neither. Something else, then?
  • You're not into multiplayer games (me either; people always steal the stuff you worked so hard for) and V13. It would have been around for a long time had it been completed, but would have the story been good?
  • Fallout 76. Better a crappy game than one you don't know what it would have been like?

This Week's Polls

That's all, folks!


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