Inspired by a comment from DyreWolf last week, I'm including a question about (mostly) everyone's favorite: Ice Cream!

This Week's Trivia

People who advocate eating of insects (mostly crickets) say that they are more nutritious and full of protein than your average steak, and more plentiful and easy to grow. There's even "cricket flour" made from dried and powdered crickets "for use in the home".

For obvious purposes, I will never be eating bugs. I don't advocate it, either. Disgusting.

This Week's Fallout News

Some players in Nuclear Winter have begun the usual Bethesda complaints up again. This time, it's over Frog Legs, a perk in FO76's Nuclear Winter that allows one to jump 300% higher. Apparently, this perk can be abused to degrees greater than any other perk, and folks have begun asking for a nerf. We'll have to see whether Bethesda decides to change this odd little gameplay item.

I used to use Wooden Plates all the time in Skyrim to get to places I wasn't supposed to be, like an area that was blocked-off for quest purposes, so I can see using something that wasn't meant for a purpose being used for another. I had turned it into a major in-game hobby. I did way more of that during the last part of My Gaming Days than I did anything else, to be honest. You won't get any no-no's from me on this one!

Last Week's Polls

Did you know that today was the Longest Day of The Year?

  • Every day is too long in the summer (when you suffer, time seems to ssslllloooowww wwwaaaayyyy ddddooooowwwwwnnnnn.....) and you never pay attention to days' length or anything. Boy, do you space out or what!
  • You didn't. Must not've noticed the earlier and earlier sunrise...
  • You did! Hard not to, when the sun rose earlier and earlier and the heat seemed to stretch longer and longer and the sun seemed to set at 9 at night. But no more! At least, there'll be a minute less each day.

Do you wish sprinting in Fallout 4 didn't take Action Points?

  • You never use V.A.T.S. (there were times where that's all that I ever used), you were confounded and now you saw the light! (of a loading screen because you rely on V.A.T.S. and you ran away from the Deathclaw and you couldn't fight him was the end) and you don't have Fallout 4. Neither do I, but I just thought I'd ask, anyway...
  • It sucks! I don't know how it works, just that since I was always V.A.T.S. heavy, it seems like the least thing I would be doing (sprinting).
  • Its fine. Hey, you would know better than me...

This Week's Polls

What was the best (that you've tasted, that is) ice cream you've had to date?

The poll was created at 16:47 on June 28, 2019, and so far 13 people voted.
What's the worst flavor (like, it was just too weird, or it didn't taste good at all) of ice cream you've had?

The poll was created at 16:47 on June 28, 2019, and so far 3 people voted.

That's all, folks!


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