I've decided to leave you guys with a poem I'd written last year, but never gave to anyone. Let me know what you think of it:

Thou wren, you perch near my windows tall,
as you sing aloud, to your friends you call.
Thy brown colors do not diminish thy spirit,
as bright and beautiful as any poet's writ.
Your tiny feet grasping branches of trees,
though often you flutter, wherever you please.
Off to berries, bold and red,
or to snatch at a bug where an animal doth tread.
Near flowers, fragrant and soft,
and settling into green and grey moss.

In the forest you make your home,
when in thy nest, you are never alone.
Little eggs, cream and brown,
as softly speckled as your down.
Tiny as you are,
to build their shelter, you gather supplies from afar.
Twigs, leaves, cloth and cat hair,
to cradle thy little ones, it is soft and fair.
Within a week, they crackle their shells,
to you, dearest mother, like the chiming of bells.
Little babies, tender and new,
just like them once, you were too.
Within weeks they grow feathers as soft as down,
there they sit, in their home, in their gowns.
You fly about, thou wren, to search for food,
to ease their hunger, your little brood.

In time, they will learn to fly,
a little on the ground, but then in the sky.
You teach them all the ways of life;
food, singing, and flight.
Soon, they will know all you can teach, dear mother,
and off to begin their new lives, they flutter.
And, with a tear in your eye, you watch them go,
but, in thine little heart, you will see them again, you know.

Thou little wren on my windowsill, with thine bright eye,
hear my story of thee, before off you fly.
Take it to heart, my words of thee,
they were written to please.
You cock your head as you listen to my poem,
thine actions are always emboldened.
Thou courage is always there,
be it to snatch a berry nearest me, or to protect thine babies fair.
Little brown bird, your wings you doth flutter,
beneath, fuzz as soft as butter.
As I finish, you cock your head once more then off you sail,
from tree to tree, then singing upon the trellis rail.
Thou words make me smile always,
as thy songs fill my hallways.

This Week's Fallout News

Not entirely "Fallout news", but related to it:

Fandom has finally removed Featured Video for logged-in users, as detailed in this post here:'ve_disabled_Featured_Video_for_wiki_editors . There's a catch or two - for one, this doesn't apply to anonymous or non-logged-in users, and two, there's strong hints of Fandom working on "something new" to replace this. But for now, perhaps, we can have some long-needed relief from these videos.

About damn time...but seems like they always have "something new" that promises to be "something great" but rarely ends up being that. At least the videos are gone, though...

This Week's Trivia

You know that Cardinals (the birds, not the Catholic Church position) mate for life? Once they find a mate, that is it: they don't choose another next year.

I find that rather sweet.

Last Week's Polls

Did an animal ever do something you thought was endearing to/for you?

  • You don't know what I'm talking about (you must be one of those in a vault), your neighbor has pets (I've been there, before), and they don't do anything like that. I know mean animals. One of the neighbors hass a mean cat. And I mean MEAN.
  • You don't have pets. each his own. I like animals, obviously.
  • Yes! Why can't I find a guy who does endearing stuff for me? Eh? Does someone like that even exist anymore?

What's the hardest difficulty for you on a game setting?

  • You never knew there were difficulty levels. If you never look at a game settings menu, hey, you might never know...
  • Normal. Normal is the new Hard.
  • Very Hard. I never attempted Skyrim (or, for that matter, many of my games) on that difficulty. I usually stuck with Very Easy for first playthrough or second (to get the hang of it), then Easy after that. Draugr Death Overlords, Legendary Dragons, and Deathclaws are hard on any difficulty, so I didn't want to experience them on worse.

This Week's Polls

What do you think of the poem?

The poll was created at 22:30 on April 12, 2019, and so far 2 people voted.
What do you think about the removal of the "featured videos"?

The poll was created at 22:30 on April 12, 2019, and so far 8 people voted.

That's all, folks!


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