When I first got NetZero six years ago, it wasn't that bad; surfing was easy and the speeds were alright. Fast forward to this year and their "service" (note quotation marks) has degraded to phenominally bad levels. There are less servers than ever, the price has gone up to 20 bucks a month, and what "servers" there are the connection is shit, plain and simple. Oftentimes, I'm on the "internet" but the speeds are so non-exsistant nothing loads, so its worthless. Worse, I can't even call tech service. Why? It used to be I could call (and get a real person right away) and if I wanted to get tech service, I would have been charged $2.00 a minute (but thankfully I never did). Fast forward from January of this year to now, and their "remodeled" (their word) over-phone menu is a bunch of usual "fixes" for their God-awful internet (try turning your device off, uninstalling the program and reinstalling it, etc.) and to talk to a real live person is a flat 25 dollar fee! A flat fee! "Have your credit card ready." they say! Even psychics are cheaper! What if you only stayed on the phone for a minute? That's 25 dollars! This tells me that they are in trouble and are trying to scrounge up money however they can...including charging innocent customers unholy fees for support for internet that is THEIR problem!

Also, if you don't hear from me for a while, it is my internet, not me, at fault.

This Week's Trivia

It is an old time "remedy" (note quotation marks) for arthritis sufferers to whip them with pigweed branches. If you've ever been poked by pigweed, you'll know damn well what I'm talking about (it stings for far more time after you've been poked than "regular" even itches!). The idea behind this nonsense "remedy" is that the pain and itchiness caused by the pigweed thorns would distract you from your original suffering.

I think it would just put you in a whole 'nother realm of pain and suffering. No?

Last Week's Polls

Did you have fun on Thanksgiving?

  • Third was yes. I drank a lot. Not alcohol (I stay away from that...I've never even touched it), but water. Those cheese and chips made me soooo thirsty!
  • Second was a little. Well, that's better than none at all, right?
  • And first was you don't celebrate at all. Most of the time, I don't, either, so I'm with you there. Is it, if I may ask, because you live in another country, or because of a different religion? Something else?
  • Someone didn't have fun at all (who are you?). Not even at Thanksgiving sales?

If food from the wastes (like Fire Ant Fricasse and Deathclaw Omelette) made its way into our world, would you eat it?

  • Third was hell no. Me too. Where's the cleanliness of the Post-War kitchen?! Down the unwashed-for-200-years sink, that's where!
  • Second was comment. You'd collect it. Hey Nomad, I'd advise you not showing that to any potential girlfriends. You know, they might scream and be grossed out. Just a tip.
  • And first was yes. Blegh. *Waves hand overhead* Hey, waiter! These people over here need some seltzer and a double dose of antiacids! Stat!
  • I was the only one who'd take the fruit. Do you think Mutfruit would taste like grapes? It looks kinda like a bunch of them...

Bonus Poll
Do you shop on Black Friday?

  • Third was you don't bother with that. Me neither. I've never bought anything on Black Friday, and haven't even gone to one of its sales!
  • Second was yes. I hate crowds. Perchance you find a crowd (especially a pushy one), you will not find me there.
  • And first was you shop online. Online grocery shopping even allows you to barely leave your home. Me? I prefer to see and touch something I'm buying. Internet pictures are one thing, seeing that dress is your "size" but actually holding it up and seeing that it couldn't possibly fit is another.

This Week's Polls

Ever been utterly, totally disatisfied with a service you paid for?

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Ever done a playthrough totally Unarmed (no weapons at all...even Unarmed ones)?

The poll was created at 23:27 on November 30, 2018, and so far 22 people voted.

That's all, folks!