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  • Leea

    Do you think "human kindness" is dwindling these days, or is it just me? So many people seem so wrapped up in their lives that they barely notice those around them, and even small kindnesses like opening the door for someone seems to be dwindling. What do you think causes this? Is it technology? Different times? If its different times, I was born in the wrong era, then.

    In 1974, police in Pocatello, Idaho, arrested two women on charges of manufacturing and selling an ersatz "brandy" which was distilled from water, vodka, and urine.


    None! Check back next week!

    Do you think some Old Sayings are ill-fitting for you?

    • Comment and no. Which one(s) fit you, then?
    • Yes. I've been rising early and going to bed early most of my life, and I've never b…

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  • Leea

    There are some old sayings that are totally true (which is how they got to be Old Sayings, because they were true, like "One man's trash is another man's treasure"), but there are some that I - personally - think are not good. "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" is one. I have loved - and some of those I have loved deeply - and have lost those that I loved via some...means, and it was better than if I had never loved them at all, because the loss - while some time ago, either years or months, depending on what or who I loved in particular - still hurts, one way or another. Therefore, I think that while some things got to be Old Sayings, they are not a "one size fits all" situational kind of thing.

    You all v…

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  • Leea

    I reorganized my closet today. Ditched the hangers; I couldn't see what was in the back, and so there were dresses (I do my skirts later, but my shirts and pants are pretty good overall) in there that I remember buying at some point but not wearing in recent memory ( having worn then within the last year or so...because I couldn't see them in the back). Now they're just folded in the same space, and I can see everything.

    Ever heard of poisonous honey? I bet not, but it exists:

    Fallout 76 has finally dropped the details on private server costs... and it certainly hasn't gone over well with folks. Bethesda has rolled out a subscription service for FO76: players can purchase a "Fall…

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  • Leea

    I am not one of those people (mostly women) who go "Oh my God! Paris is soo romantic! And the Eiffel Tower! Swoon!" No, not me. I don't get those people who just gush over how Paris is "so romantic". How is it? What makes it so much better than everywhere else? And to me: the Eiffel Tower is butt-ugly.

    The Eiffel Tower was built in 1896 for the World Fair to show what the new metal (steel; previously they only used iron) was capable of. By the time they wanted to take it down, people fell in love with it, so it stayed up. The French government wanted (needed, really) to take it down and use the metal for the war effort, but there was a public outcry to not take down the "iconic" statue, and because there was one radio relay situated on the t…

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  • Leea

    Its raining outside, which it hasn't done in...God, I can't remember how long. I can feel the cool breeze through the open window, and I'm happy because it has nothing to do with the air conditioner!

    There's a road machine (for repairing/constructing roads) called a "gang vibrator". I have no idea what it does, or even what it looks like (I read a blurb about it in a book), because I'm not going to look it up on the internet and get something disgusting instead of the road equipment I was looking for.

    This month's seasonal event has been announced for FO76. Mischief Night will run from October 29 to November 5, in which players will be able to take part in "tricks, treats, and a little costumed mayhem" at the Whitespring. Players will be enc…

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