Leea Leea 19 days ago

Legendary Saturday Polls, 276th Edition

I'm going to have to deal with Mercer, at some point. Sooner, rather than later, as I zoomed through the quests. I decided to have a character for each questline's trophies (one for Companions which I already finished; one for the College of Winterhold which I finished, too; one for the Thieves Guild which I'm working on; another for the Dark Brotherhood which i have yet to create and one i made last night to do the Civil War quests). I get trophies for every other thing through all the characters. But I'm still gonna have to deal with Mercer somehow (and his faster-than-you-can-see attacks with his damn health-draining sword). I figured I could learn a couple words of the Disarm shout and take his weapon that way, otherwise, I'm lower lev…

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Leea Leea 25 days ago

Legendary Saturday Polls, 275th Edition

My phone line was out for a few days (no dial-up internet, then), but it came back at about 7 last night, so here i am with a late edition. I have had power the whole time, thankfully. It never went out, thank God.

I forgot how much I hated Delphine in Skyrim. Man, I hate that bitch. She claims to be here to "serve you" because you're Dragonborn, but what she really does is boss you around for her own benefit. Go here, do this, you're going to do this for me, I demand you to do that for me. God, I wish there had been a way to kill her (in console versions) or to tell her off, because that bitch has it coming. Thankfully, she'd not involved in every.last.quest. but she's involved in too many. How Bethesda thought you'd like to be involved with…

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Leea Leea 23 October

Legendary Saturday Polls, 274th Edition

I defeated Lord Harkon last night. Arch-Curate Vyrthur was far easier than him, with me only using a couple potions of "Plentiful Healing" to deal with him. Harkon was a pain in the ass, even with Auriel's Bow. He used Mist and Bat forms constantly, used some red ball projectile in addition to Vampiric Drain to constantly heal himself, and summoned more minions than Serana could deal with on her own. He teleported around, ran too fast and arrows dinked off the scenery uselessly as I aimed for him (when normally I'm a great shot, even on non-archery-based characters) and infected me five times with the vampire disease (which stunts your health by 25 points) as he continued to drain my health. It took a good chunk of my potion collection (a g…

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Leea Leea 16 October

Legendary Saturday Polls, 273rd Edition

I've seen that "fandom" is updating to a new software version. I saw it on the Elder Scrolls wiki, and while i was pleased that the pages loaded faster, i was not pleased that when I tried to edit a page, the loading bar went to about 60% and never moved further than that, even though i waited for about a half hour. What does this mean for the Legendary Saturday Polls? All of you pretty much know about my "internet" and how slow it always is, so when every wiki is upgraded, I don't know what will happen. I've been doing this for five years. Its an uneasy feeling.

Yeah, "fretting" is a different word for worrying, but its true: "fretting" can also mean the decorations at the tops and bottoms of ancient greek pillars.


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Leea Leea 9 October

Legendary Saturday Polls, 272nd Edition

"Poison Pill" is a prohibitively expensive take-over of a company.


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