• I live in Meville (as in, MEville, the town of me)
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Smiling Rascal
  • I am Female
  • Leea

    I've found (through years of experimentation) that some sunglass shapes simply don't work for me. Aviators, for instance. I have three pairs (I bought them years ago, in a set), but some of them simply go too far down my cheeks to be comfortable. Also, someone I knew and broke up with (Gopal) wore those types of glasses, and they remind me of him, so I've developed an aversion of sorts to them...mostly because they remind me of a Bitter Failure (I worked hard to make it work and it...didn't). I also need to buy some more, because most of the shades I've got (I don't have that many) are lighter tones, and don't block out the sun that well, get the picture. I also need larger lenses, because I have a couple that are too small and do…

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  • Leea

    I polished my brass bangles the other day with a cleaner. Can you guess what it might be? Not what you might consider a "typical" cleanser. Heh heh heh...

    Your average (American, didn't say anywhere else) woman spends about $60,000 a year on hair care and cuts.

    Wow. Just... wow. I know I don't even come close to that. I doubt I even spend a tenth of that... Not to say I have bad hair, but all I do is shampoo for my "products". I cut it at home. Why would you want to spend that much!

    Do you believe in lucky charms?

    • You're so-so. To believe or not believe, that is the question...
    • Lucky Charms cereal, anyone? I would, but marshmallows in that cereal have food coloring, and I'm allergic to artificial colors.
    • There's no such thing. I'm a…

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  • Leea

    Do you believe in "lucky charms"? Part of me does, yet another part does not. I know that I sure don't seem to get any luck from four-leaf clovers, but at the same time, I'm reluctant to not pick one, because, what if it works? I have books that I open up and read from time to time, and find old four-leaf clovers tucked in there, and pessimism kicks in and I think "Do these things actually work, or should I just toss them out the door?" but the superstitionist says "What if they really do work? Don't do that!" So...argh.

    For the record (in case you want to look for any four-leaf clovers of your own...because I have a few batches in the backyard), white clover is the kind that makes the occasional four-leaf. Red (which has fuzzy leaves) does…

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  • Leea

    All you need is one frog to say something, and then they all start in, like a chorus. It's always kind of funny. They especially have something (lots of something, actually) to say during or after a rain.

    In St. Croix, Wisconsin, women are not allowed to wear anything red in public.

    What if I wear crimson? Or maroon? Deep burgundy? That's way darker and more black than "true" red...

    Would YOU look down on someone who was homeschooled and never had a desire to go to college (i.e., me)?

    • You never went to school. How do you make it, then? Or are you just joking?
    • Comment (you say I should go to college someday) and you don't want to comment. Afraid I might be hurt?
    • I'm just fine. Yay! Also, its not like people go to college and get Masters degrees in …

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  • Leea

    I have never gone to college, nor do I desire to. However, I want a smart guy. Part of me thinks someone who's gone to college and gotten degrees will look down on someone such as myself...who has also been homeschooled. Am I doomed? I don't want to spend money going to college and learning stuff I don't want - or need - to, like algebra and evolution and political correctness. I've learned so much just by reading books and the internet. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars going to college because...well, you know.

    An Xbox360 fits perfectly into a two-gallon ziplock bag, just in case someone might be wondering. If you happen to be wondering why I put it into a bag, well, I didn't want it to get dusty anymore, so I put it carefully in…

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