Today in the Mojave Wasteland

Real world vehicles

I thought it would be a fun change of pace to show you all something a little different today. There are more than just locations that are based on real things out here in the Mojave Desert, including plants, signs, animals, and the topic of today's adventure - vehicles!

TIW Nipton cars.png


Less often, yet still often enough to be the norm, I find airplanes. Sadly, sometimes they are a result of a long-ago crash but most of the time they are just abandoned or used as props. It is always a surprising and bizarre thing to happen across. Here are a few examples (not real crash sites) that look like the in-game fighter and jet planes.

TIW Fighter Jet.png

TIW Jet plane.png

And let me tell you, I have been out here in the wasteland a long time, and I would have a hard time thinking of a more post-apocalyptic locale than an airplane boneyard. And the Mojave has three of them! Of course, don't go there (wink wink nudge nudge) and do stay safe, these places are obviously dangerous. Colossal twisted hunks of metal and all.

TIW Mojave boneyard.png

Cars and trucks

I have found so many derelict cars that I could probably make a few scrapbooks, like some sort of rust-covered bullet-riddled desert showcase. Not just cars though, you can find all of the equivalents just by doing some casual creeping around like me. Below you can see a fancy firetruck as well as one of those caravans which really are everywhere.

TIW Caravan Echo Bay.png

TIW Firetruck Searchlight.png

I always have a more difficult time finding the military trucks, at least in the type of condition I am looking for. The one here is located at Groom Lake, which is no longer open to the public, assuredly because it borders Area 51. But never fear, I captured the moment.

TIW Groom Lake truck.png

It is not always strictly a search for the most dilapidated, such as with the highway patrol cars. The state troopers drive these brand new SUVs of some brand or another now. Not very Mojave Wasteland-like at all. Ah but twice a year there is a car show where they display the 1950s patrol cars, and you bet they are a splitting image.

TIW Highway Patrol CA.png


Even the rarest of vehicles, those that are waterborne, match what we see in the game. Even the barge that would carry us from Cottonwood Cove to Fortification Hill if it weren't for that inconvenient dam in the way. Due to the absolute climate crisis that the Vegas Valley is experiencing, with Lake Mead drying up more and more each year, the marinas that are north of the lake are no longer on the water anymore. So they close and become another addition to the post-apocalyptic-looking landscape. There are rows of abandoned boats lying on the former river bed, and all the detritus one would expect to accompany them.

TIW Speedboat Echo Bay.png

TIW CC Barge.png

To be continued

The most iconic vehicles of the game will fit nicely in their own future location posts, so stay tuned for that adventure. I will make sure to go into much too detail about all of them :)

TIW Spirit Mountain car.png

Happy trails!

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