Today in the Mojave Wasteland

Red Rock Canyon

This location exists in our world in the same location, called Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, along Nevada State Route 159. It is beyond majestic, beautiful, and awe-inspiring.


The area consists of a set of large red rock formations and sandstone peaks that are near identical to those in the game. In our world, the area is a popular tourist attraction and features hiking, biking, camping (across the road), and rock climbing. The Great Khans have not yet moved here, and the only significant structure is the visitor center.

There are two Red Rock signs, both of them alongside NV-159. They both look more or less the same, the southbound one can be seen below. Instead of "National Conservation Area" the post-Divergence equivalent says "Southwest Commonwealth Conservation Area."


There is a scenic loop you can drive on, which is one way and wide enough for multiple vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians to share safely. You can stop at any of the overlooks and climb up the cliffs there, most of them slope gradually with a slight incline, but still be careful lest you risk crippled limbs. Normally, there are a lot of serious climbers that you can watch scale the vertical rock faces, which looks pretty scary to me!


And for those who have a fear of heights, you can instead check out what will someday become the Great Khan arena.


Red Rock Canyon is a fun place to climb, hike, see the sights, work on poetry, ceremoniously beat up your friends and family members, dabble in some "flour," and ruin alliances. I highly recommend it!


Happy trails!

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