Today in the Mojave Wasteland

Cottonwood Cove

It is starting to get hot again here in the Mojave, so I think it would be fun to take a break and head to the river to see what the Legion is up to.

TIW CC entryway sign

Cottonwood Cove is located in the same place seen in-game, at the end of Nevada State Route 164 (locally known as Cottonwood Cove Road), on the western banks of the Colorado River. The welcome sign in our world says Lake Mead Recreation Area instead, but they look similar.

TIW CC Welcome Sign

The only way to enter Cottonwood Cove, aside from by boat, is following NV 164 about 20 minutes eastbound from Searchlight. The descent into the valley looks a lot like how we find it in the game, just with less impaled heads and torches.

TIW Entering Cottonwood Cove

You can park in any of the parking lots and hike up either overlooking cliffs to get a better lay of the land. I have not yet found any precariously situated trucks from which radioactive waste could spill over the last few years, but maybe you will have better luck. There is a section called the upper campgrounds that has the best view, I think.

TIW CC overlook

You can walk out on any of the docks from the shore and look for Lucullus and Ranger Takedown him into the water for some fun shenanigans.

CC Dock Entrance

On the far side of the cove, you can see the marina building floating off of the dock. It is a cool building and looks a lot like the mess hall. To the right of the motel and check in office, there is a tiny building called a well house that looks like a tiny HQ.

TIW CC Mess Hall

At any of the Colorado River marina locations, you can rent a boat by the hour to cruise up and down the river. The biggest lesson I learned the first time I did this was that you cannot replicate the journey from Cottonwood Cove to the Fort because the Hoover Dam is in the way. The person who was looking over my paperwork at the boathouse was the one who told me this and he could tell I was disappointed. He attempted to lift my spirits by giving me a tiny bag of chips for free, which worked. You can get pretty close to the bottom of the Hoover Dam, and see a lot of cool places as you head there, like Malpais Mesa, Willow Beach, Elephant Hill, to name a few.

To rent a boat, anyone born after 1983 has to be certified by the Nevada Department of Wildlife via a boating course. It is very long and tedious. It is available for free at the BoatUS Foundation website. The only thing I can remember now, years later, is how many chapters revolved around not going to the bathroom in the river. There are also some rules to abide by regarding when you can boat around, you can see them below.

TIW CC Colorado River

I hope you think Cottonwood Cove is as cool as I do. Now it is time for me to head home before I become enslaved or before someone notices Lucullus is missing.

TIW CC Boat Launch

Happy trails!

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