My dearest America, we live in an age where man tries to feed his own imperialistic needs, regardless of the wishes of the people. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the Mojave. From the west, the New California Republic desecrates the land with their filth, claiming their right to our land, American land. They claim to be freeing the local populace . . . from what I ask? Are we not already free, America? Then, to the east, the barbaric tribals who have the audacity to believe that they can simply force their hand on top of us, enslave our women, kill our men, and kidnap our children! It is our duty to this great country to force these imperialistic heathens out of our land once and for all! How, you ask? Why, a question not easily answered, but rest assured, The Enclave never rests so long as these menaces claim our land for themselves. The Enclave is working around the clock, fighting the imperialists back one battle at a time to ensure that you live your life free of worry, free of fear, free of oppression. Because the Enclave works for you, America. Now and Forever. This is your president, Richard Dickerson, and I'm here for you.

Please, enjoy the exploitations of our great Enclave in the Mojave Wasteland, as they fight for your freedom!

-More Will Be Added As Time Goes On, In No Particular Order.-