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  • Kastera1000

    In a competition for which one of America's favorite soft drink was really everyone's favorite, Nuka-Cola Quantum and Nuka-Cola Classic were neck and neck the entire time, but Nuka-Cola Quantum prevailed over Classic with 38% of the votes to Classic's 34%. The soda that snagged third place was Nuka-Cola Victory with 9% of the votes; not quite a victory, was it?

    As I saw Crazy sam's poll yesterday, many of the comments said that regulating FOD, H2O and SLP were not difficult and many other aspects of Hardcore Mode were much harder. So by popular demand, what's the most difficult aspect of Hardcore Mode?

    Poll:What's the most difficult aspect of Hardcore Mode

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  • Kastera1000

    In last week's poll, the majority of voters (36%) never or rarely enter The Vault, 15% do the exact opposite and edit every day, and 14% edits 3-4 times a week. As for how long, 55% edit for only about 5-10 minutes, 22% edit for 30 minutes and 8% edit for an hour. Strangely, 4 hours had no votes, but >4 hours had 7% of the votes. Try to explain that...

    Now I realize that last weeks poll was pretty dry and for that I apologize. This weeks poll should wet your whistle... with a Nuka-Cola, America's most popular soft drink!

    Poll:Which Nuka-Cola is your favorite

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  • Kastera1000

    Rather than announcing the results, I am going to present a table with the results, because saying what won what 15 times over and will get very monotonous.

    Now that we've gotten the creature polls out of the way, we can get back to a different topic (which I'm guessing the majority of you are craving). However, this week's WWP does not concern the Fallout universe, but rather your activity on The Vault, specifically how often you edit and how long you edit.

    Poll Creature Percent
    Fallout Deathclaw 36%
    Mariposa super mutant 25%
    Floater 16%
    Fallout 2 Wanamingo 46%
    Deathclaw 17%
    (Cyber)dog 11%
    Fallout 3 Yao guai 23%
    Vault 87 super mutant 21%
    Deathclaw 18%
    Fallout: New Vegas Deathclaw 24%
    Cazador 22%
    Nightstalker 13%
    Recurring Deathclaw 47%
    Super mut…

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  • Kastera1000

    First off, you may notice that the poll is much earlier than usual. This is because I would not have had time to do it before I left for work in the morning, so I made it the night before. Now everyone who lives in Europe will be able to get the poll by morning and not have to wait until mid-afternoon.

    In last week's poll of favorite Fallout: New Vegas add-on creature, the ghost people crushed with 47% of the vote. Second place went to marked men with 14% of the votes and yao guai tailed with 13% of the votes.

    In this week's poll(s), I'm going to just get it all out the way, asking what your favorite creature was in Fallout 1, 2, 3 and New Vegas. I will also ask what your favorite recurring creature is that appears in all games. This will end …

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  • Kastera1000

    Last week's poll on Fallout 3 add-on creatures was rather one sided with the majority rooting for swampfolk and overlords. In the end, 24% favored Point Lookout's swamplfolk, 23% favored Broken Steel's super mutant overlords, and 15% favored Mothership Zeta's aliens.

    This weeks poll will be similar to last weeks, but it revolves around the Fallout: New Vegas add-ons, which in my opinion had a much more diverse array of creatures to choose from. Some of them were simple stat changes, but most of them were completely new.

    Poll:What was your favorite Fallout: New Vegas add-on creature

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