Bethesda released an update to the ongoing Public Test Server (PTS) for the upcoming Fallout 76 update Steel Reign. The most notable changes were the removal of unyielding as possible legendary power armor effect as well as eliminating the ability for the Pepper Shaker to drop as explosive. And as promised, they added a stash box to the new APC survival 'tent' skin that was released last week for Fallout 1st subscribers. In the quality of life category, floater grenades are now droppable and sellable.

Download issues

Many users had issues with the Bethesda launcher crashing during the download. Various fixes included aborting the download and doing a 'scan and repair' or by switching the lauguage preferences in the launcher to another language, aborting the download again, switching back to English, aborting again, and then manually triggering the update. If that fails, deleting the PTS install and reinstalling seemed to also work.

Other features

For a full list of changes, please see the article here. You can get caught up on all the new upcoming features in Steel Reign by reading through that entire page as all the previous PTS updates are included. Also be sure to check out the ongoing Wiki content additions on the Steel Reign page.

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