Bethesda released a new statement on their blog in regards to the new patch:

"Gstaff here with a couple news items for New Vegas.

Up first, the game is now available for purchase on Xbox LIVE’s Games On Demand service. You can purchase it directly through LIVE, or by visiting

In other news, be sure to visit our forums for updates on the game from senior producer Jason Bergman. In a post from earlier this month, he gave a status report on New Vegas DLC and incoming game updates. Regarding the latter, today he’s posted details on the balance tweaks being introduced in Monday’s Steam update. For those playing on consoles, we’re still waiting to hear on the exact date it’ll be available for you… stay tuned.

Update (4/28): The update should be available worldwide on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Regarding the Xbox 360 update, we’ve discovered a solution to the issue that’s causing problems with game saves. We’ll be hosting a replacement update on Xbox LIVE as soon as humanly possible. If you haven’t grabbed the New Vegas update on 360 today, we recommend you decline the update until the new one is live. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up."

Update (April 29): Info on new Xbox patch

Update (April 30): Accoring to Jason Bergmans Twitter, the new English FNV 360 patch is live!

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