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Yeah, you might find everything you could dream of down in that den of inequity. But you're also just as likely to end up with your throat slit or with some abomination chewing on your bones.— Commander Lana Danvers

The Maledictum is a nomadic blackmarket started up by the enigmatic ghoul Ba'al and his personal body-guard, Sabaoth, to help bring war and chaos wherever they go. They have currently set up shop in the wardrooms of Rivet City, where they can help exasperate the desperate situation found within the D.C. ruins.


The Maledictum is infamous across the wastes, and their business involves traveling to areas of strife and turning that strife into full-blown war. Whether with the use of technology, weapons, or even just information, their actions and business-acumen have resulted in many of the great atrocities since after the Great War, including, but not limited to: the release of blueprints and movements to aid in the fall of Navarro which would eventually cause the conflict between the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel over the technology at sake, information sold to the Legion that allowed the taking over of Arizona's tribes and the eventual discovery of Hoover Dam. And now, as of 2077, they have set up shop in the depths of Rivet City where they have created the Talon Company and are actively providing weapons to the super mutants and raiders plaguing the D.C. ruins.


The Maledictum is accessible either through a locked hatch located in the Rivet City market, or through a more complex route in the Mar'Jhan warrens, which can be entered through a breach underneath Rivet City itself. The black-market is spread about three wardrooms, consisting of a shop, a barracks, and the vaults.

The shop itself consists of a single room with a counter protected with steel bars and bullet-proof glass, cutting off the waiting area from the merchandise itself. This area is protected by two guards at all times, along with a prototype turret hidden behind a wall-panel.

Shop inventory

Ammunition Armor and clothing Drugs and edibles Weapons Misc

Special inventory

This inventory is only accessible to the Lone Wanderer after permission has been granted from Ba'al.

Ammunition Armor and clothing Drugs and edibles Weapons Misc

Related quests

  • Replicant Mambo - Ba'al wants to get his hands on an android without drawing attention to himself and his operations. Bring him Harkness and/or Armitage discreetly for a reward and some possible tech.
  • Into the Warrens - The Lone Wanderer has attracted the attention of Commander Jarreth, the de facto leader of Talon Company and the left-hand of Ba'al. After being knocked out and brought forth to Sabaoth, Ba'al's right-hand man, the Lone Wanderer has been presented the choice to either talk their way out of a life-threatening situation, or under-taking a small favor to prove their worth.
  • Just Business - An attack is being prepared against the Maledictum by a collaboration effort between the Rivet City guard and the Brotherhood of Steel. Preparations are needed should the Maledictum survive the on-coming onslaught.


  • The entrance to the Maledictum through the Rivet City marketplace is originally locked to the Lone Wanderer. Interacting with the hatch will attract the attention of the Mar'Jhan Marauders.
  • The ladder leading down into the Maledictum has the only animated climbing action in the game, presenting the benefit of not having to go through a loading screen.
  • After first speaking with Ba'al, the Lone Wanderer will no longer be ambushed by the Talon Company unless they have a Very Good Karma.
  • Hitmen sent by employers such as Mr. Burke will now have a new dialogue option unlocked which will allow the Lone Wanderer to pay off their contract instead, and will even establish a hit on their original contractor if a bonus is paid.
  • Aside from Flak 'N Shrapnel's, shops in the Rivet City marketplace will no longer trade with the Lone Wanderer as long as they have a positive reputation with the Maledictum.


The Maledictum only appears in Fallout 3.

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