• Gaming Foxy

    Changing accounts

    January 2, 2016 by Gaming Foxy

    So i will change accounts to change my username due to not being able to change username anymore so here i am my new account will be named Sunset Shimmer101 Gaming Foxy 19:52, January 2, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Gaming Foxy

    Nothing like updating a old joke don't ya think? I KNOW ITS PROBALY GONNA FAIL! but i will try anyways.

    NOTE: These rules are meant purely as a joke, and should be treated as such. Any names referred to in these are as an inside joke, and if said users do not wish to be mentioned in the blog they are free to ask me and I will remove their name.

    Here they are:

    1. Personal attacks, bigotry and/or racist or sexist name calling.
    2. Harassment and/or sexual harassment.
    3. Extreme use of profanity/cursing or directing it towards another user is not permitted.
    4. Violation of personal privacy. This includes revealing personal information about users (e.g. real name, location, age, gender, etc) and violating confidentiality on particular issues (such as issues aske…
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  • Gaming Foxy

    The Nuka-Guild

    September 25, 2015 by Gaming Foxy

    So the guild was created with the name of Nuka-Guild in PS4 in the Aldmeri Dominion. If you want to join send me a friend request in PSN. This is my psn. If you want to make the guild in PC or Xbox just let a comment below saying it.

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  • Gaming Foxy

    Nukapedia Guild in ESO

    September 23, 2015 by Gaming Foxy

    So my idea is to create a official Nukapedia guild in ESO in each plataform as the servers are diferent from each plataform and so a guild in PS4 does not exist in PC or Xbox and so this little project that i hope you like will have one person responsable for each plataform. Those 2 other persons I am yet to decided who they are but i will be responsable for the guild in the PS4 Plataform. If you want to be responsable for the guild in a plataform post it in the comments. Also the name is not definied so if you have a suggestion of a name post it in the comments below.

    May we bring nuka-lear power to Tamriel!

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  • Gaming Foxy

    so i found these sound files in MP3 format when i was browsing through New Vegas Data files, wich you can acess through steam or program files, and in the path Data/Music/SCR i found those files wich some i know what they are but others not all and i want to post them in the wikia to see if you know i will be also be posting the ones i know and also another thing the name of the files in the wiki are exactly the same as in New vegas data files except they are OGG.

    - these files sound like a variation of the level up theme but more awesome though i am not sure so they can be anything
    jngle jangle jingle for some reason
    same song only diference one file is to sound like its on the radio though why its exists IDK but it sounds cool
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