There are plenty of good choices when it comes to what dazzling garments you will be showing off in the Nevada Wasteland. To go classy and flashy or bulky and powerful is the biggest concern for most players who enter the game. I personaly change between the two because every area has different types of threats that trigger different needs in DT (damage threshold). My main outfit is always achieved early in the game. I run around in my leisure with the bounty hunter duster, received from the merc Caleb McCaffery in New Vegas. For helmet wear, i use the desperado cowboy hat cuz i like the "old western" look. Now for those of you who want a deathclaw swipe to make you laugh, I'd say the bigger power armor. The deathclaw promontory (found in an unmarked location in the east of the wasteland) is the highest DT holder in the game and definitely has a better look than the standard power armor. If power armor isnt your game then the combat mark 2 armor can be purchased from gun runners. This assuming money isnt an issue granted you took down all the casinos in the area. As far as non DT clothing I dont have too much knowledge. If any reader would like to comment and add some grade A looking clothing and a location to find it, it would be much appreciated.

                    THAT BE-ITH A FRESH CALL-OUT!!!
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