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  • Extrinitus

    Welcome back to the seemingly-never-ending delayed release schedules of the News After The Nuke! Today there's some good news and bad news, so let's get straight into the Atom.

    Non-existant cup.

    Fallout 1st: Wait What? - So i don't know anything about Fallout 1st. All i know, based on what i read and heard that it's a monthly subscription service that delivers perks such as: Private Worlds, a Ranger Armor Outfit, a Survival Tent, free Atoms every month (what?), scrapboxes and a icons and emotes pack. To me, it looks very pay-2-win (obviously, duh) and it's really unfair to players who can't afford the service. Looks like their promise about no P2W is now broken several times...

    Fallout 1st Domain Belongs To Somebody Who's... Not From Bethesda …

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  • Extrinitus

    Hey guys. Welcome back to the spoopy News After The Nuke. The nuke is up and running again and we're back with more news. Let's begin!

    PS5 leaks show that the PS5 looks like an alien spaceship: but Sony has yet to release the final outcome of the console. What do you think?

    Halloween In Fallout - Bethesda has just announced the first official Halloween event in Fallout 76. Dubbed “Mischief Night,” the developer calls the new seasonal event “a week of explosive fun” involving “tricks, treats, and a little costumed mayhem.” The festivities will begin on October 29 at 12 p.m. EDT and run through noon on November 5. An eyebot called JES-2R (“Jester”) can be found at the Whitespring Resort; look for something called the “Mischief Pyre.” It sounds l…

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  • Extrinitus

    Hey y'all! If you're wondering why this article is 17-18 is because i need to keep up with the pace, people. Well then, back to work. Welcome back to the ol' Nuke.

    Hey guys. Welcome back to the News After The Nuke. The nuke is up and running again and we're back with more news. Let's begin!

    So it's been a long time since i have released this news article. I kinda miss it, to say the least. And i'm back making these. So it's great to be back, i guess?

    Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Pet. - A mod for Fallout 4 introduces a new feature that Fallout 4 should have... petting dogs. Who doesn't like petting dogs? Dogs make you forget about questioning your existence, anyway. Anyway, what this mod does is let you pet dogs. There are mods out there that do the exact …

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  • Extrinitus

    The News After The Nuke is running back! Welcome back to another article of the News After The Nuke! You never expected this, huh? Before i accidentally close the tab, let's get right into the NUKE!

    SORRY, THE SEGMENT A Cup Of Nukes is currently not available. Please stand by.

    Fallout 4 High Resolution Graphics WITHOUT Hurting Performance! - A new texture pack has been released for Fallout 4, and it's really HD. Now you might think that 1K textures are nothing but many people are trapped in a concept like that, so... welp. These textures are not for some guy who likes taking screen shots into wood pores, but for people who want better textures than the original. Couple some shaders and this mod and you'll get there in no time.

    Inside The Nuke: Pat…

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  • Extrinitus
    Welcome back everyone to another issue of the Nuke After The Nuke. Today we have burning news along with a new segment of the ol' Nuke. Let's get right into the news!

    How's Earth today, for you? Is it scorching hot? Is it frostbite cold? In our country, it's getting cold, because it's the start of the rainy season. Tell me below! I'd love to see your answers.

    Check this one out. It's a mod for FO3 called Washington's Malevolence. Sounds fun, right? Check it out!

    It's here. It's finally finished. Known by it's old name as Project Brazil (now known as Fallout New California) is a good mod. Check it out. It's finally out for release.

    Check out Nukapedia's Twitter!

    Check this poll out, and this one too!

    If you haven't joined yet, join Nukapedia's Disc…

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