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    Since last time when Fallout 4 was released (and all of its add-ons), there has been a lot of mess and distress about new editors. I've seen a lot of things, from unnecessary capitalization, blank articles, duplicates etc. When I deleted such an article and triedto have people recreate the article (if needed), they took offense to that.

    This time, I will personally guide new editors like you through this blog, to at least minimize the amount of mistakes. Let us start, then!

    1. Step 1: Search for the article - when you want to create an article, first ask yourself: does the article exist? It isn't hard to simply search the term through the searchbar.
      A: If the article exists, just go into edit mode.
      B: If it does not exist, press the left button in t…
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    Milestone - 20 000 articles

    November 13, 2015 by Energy X

    A long road has come to here. We all should be proud that we were to witness the record of 20 000 articles, all of them being written in a professional way.

    But who knows what the future may offer? Anywhom,this is a big milestone, for the Wiki and beyond. For hard work and dedication has produced such results. Let it be known that Fallout Wiki is now much more important than it ever was.

    Everyone can make history, no matter how small or big the moment may be.

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    Before starting to edit the articles, please read this notice thoroughly. This is only a reminder to everyone that wants to edit to know *how-to* edit; to keep some professionalism and making sure the reader is not confused by how the content is looking. Anyhow:

    • No usage of "you" or "player", only "player character" or "Sole Survivor". You aren't in the game, but your player character, Sole Survivor, is.
    • Try to word in objective manner. Subjectivism has no place here, especially in the form of strategies. There are a lot of ways to complete certain quests or kill creatures.
    • Before creating an article, look up if there is another one, to avoid having duplicate pages.
    • When reporting a bug, make sure to place Nukapedia's administration.
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    The Hole - Beyond Fate

    February 25, 2015 by Energy X

    Yeah, that was a very interesting battle. Wasn't it, Sulik? Oh, where did he go?

    Who knows what goes in that tribal's mind... Anyway, I am off.

    Eh, where to?

    Away from here, dear Rex. I have decided to retire from the Hole. Besides, Ashur, even considering me as a hero for taking out that giant talking deathclaw, thinks I am too important and would hurt the prosperity of the Pitt. So I have to leave.

    But where will you go? Where will I go, even?

    Let destiny decide for you. Who knows what other experiences we may acquire in the Universe? Day to day we face new things, even if we repeat same actions. I may come back if Ashur desires that. For now, I think Sulik's friend will run the show. *leaves the room*

    I do not believe much in fate, but he may…

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