The release of Fallout 76 is rapidly speeding towards us with only three days left until Reclamation Day. For this we need all hands on deck to handle the presumably huge influx of edits. This means all rights holders, be it patroller or admin, need to be around if they can. Preferably, we'd have at least a couple rights holders keeping an eye on the patrol log at all times.

At present, less than half of our admins and a few patrollers edit at least every other day. This simply is not enough. I have heard talks of how things were during the release of Fallout 4, not good. Let's try to keep this release under some more control. I also urge everyone to go through the patrol log and actually hit the patrolled button when you've patrolled something. It's there for a reason, and it is important to keep the patrol log cleared to make sure all new edits are up to our standards.

Comment below if you are going to be around to help for the release!