Hello, wasted wasters, this is your amazing host, prepare to have your clonkers bonked. Today's great edition of the Polls is brought to us by a very special group of people. Today, our sponsor is the cast of Star Wars! Happy Star Wars day, people, May the Fourth be with you.

I always found it interesting, the days we create. We have a Star Wars Day, National Soup Day... January is apparently National Oatmeal Month. You think I'm freaking kidding? Go look it up. In fact, there's an entire list right here, if you'd like to visit it. Go ahead and tell me the one you think is the best/funniest in the comments.

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Saturday was just named National Poll Results Day. More work for me, then...

Question #1, what did you think was Mr. House's secret weapon in the Fort bunker?

84 people had no idea. You guys are so clueless.

85 people thought it was nuclear weapons, like those ones in the Divide, or the ones that China launched first! (if you think that's true)

219 people apparently didn't even know what bunker I was talking about. Yet again, you guys are more clueless than Sherlock Holmes. It was elementary what bunker this was, my dear Watson.

Question #2, do you know how to play Caravan?

85 people can win games but don't know what the cards do. If only you guys sat there and learned how to play, you could possibly beat... THE CARAVAN MASTER! Which isn't me...

167 people don't even know how to play. We just have the most clueless audience ever.

281 people wanna know what Caravan even is!... no comment.


What did you do during the Superhuman Gambit quest?

The poll was created at 01:02 on May 5, 2013, and so far 621 people voted.
Who did you give the Lincoln merchandise to during the Head of State quest?

The poll was created at 00:36 on May 5, 2013, and so far 575 people voted.
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