Hello, my friends/pals/buddies/poobahs, this is Dead Gunner, and I'm bringing you the Saturday Polls. After reading a few comments in the Poll, I decided I'm going to bring a couple of my favorite ones over here. Thanks for commenting, folks, you're making my sides hurt by the hour.

Yeah, that Sarah Lyons is a tasty bit. All the Brotherhood might have wanted to look under her hood. I forgive her for be'n a bitch because she knows her milk brings all the boys to the yard. To get in her armor you gotta work twice as hard.— SaintPain
Besides, I am not a necrophiliac, I wouldn't be caught dead with one!— BrandonFox
True but I can roll play in my head that the lone wander manages to at last crowbar into sarahs undies & at last taste the lyons pride— SaintPain
Aside from an incident where an NCR Patrol was wiped out by own of it's own grenades - the result of trooper negligence. The rest of these reports are unremarkable anyway.— Eden2012

Were those good picks? Maybe tell me any other comments you thought were funny... in the comments. I'll put one or two of these in the Polls from now on.

Anywho, anyone else excited for the Xbox announcement? Tell me that in the comments as well.

Results time, now. Don't get bored on me.

Question #1, how'd you feel about the Brotherhood of Steel when you first met them in Fallout 3?

With 33 votes, you killed those two mutants for their lazy posteriors. I hope they felt cozy as you juggernauts stormed on through and just annihilated everyone. I'm so proud of my fans.

With 102 votes, people thought they were a bit... rude. Slapping them across the face to show them who is boss would've been a great speech option.

With 187 votes, people wanted dat armor. As seen by my comments I posted up top, some people wanted it off of them for other reasons... like SEX.

Question #2, how'd you feel about the Legion when you found them in Nipton?

61 people spread their message to the NCR. With the support of the Legion, you successfully helped a few NCR troopers requisition some new trousers from the CO's.

117 people killed those Legion soldiers and wore Vulpe's wolf-head as a prize. I killed them, too, but at least I did it with class, you peasants. (just kidding just kidding please vote)

156 people thought they were scary. You guys are afraid of people who crucify innocent gang members and burn their mayor on a pile of tires? Hmph, typical.

Alright, then, Poll time!

For the next question, you can look at this list of Vaults that describes the ones that aren't in yet.

Link: Vault

Thanks for voting, once again, I'll be back in a week, seven days, however you wanna describe it! And until then, stay cool, Nukapedia.

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