Ayo, Poll subscribers, this is the Pollmaster bringing you the crazy Polls of yester-week. Which is now this week. Either way, you can vote on things and see what you voted on. Now if only we had the technology to tell how you will vote...

This edition of the Saturday Polls is brought to you graciously by Our very own Denis517, Damian... there's nothing good about him in the script, only that time he quit the Enclave and begged for half a year. We'll get a better sponsor next time, promise.

Don't you just love cleaning the house? I love when I have to clean my house and my sister sits there painting her nails, and then I get a headache off of the fumes that come out of the nail polish remover bottle. Or putting wood stain on the patio, that releases some rancid smells that always give me a headaches. I feel even worse for people who have to package these things... ALSO, FUNNY COMMENTS IN THE LAST POLL.

Remember, kids: Brush your greens, eat your teeth, stay in milk, drink your school, don't do sleep, and get your eight hours of drugs!— Anonymous user

Also, that quote is apparently Enclave approved, but the Enclave don't mean anything, so let's get to the results, yeah?

Question #1, what did you do with ED-E in Fallout: New Vegas?

32 people didn't give him to anyone and got all his Lonesome Road upgrades. Finders-keepers, anyone who didn't get him quick enough fails at everything.

65 people did his quest and gave him to the Brotherhood of Steel. Isn't a group of people who want your technology in possession of an Eyebot Army delightful?

132 people did his quest and gave him to the Followers of the Apocalypse. They delete the data afterwards because they musn't allow Communism. Lenin's shriveled body will be crushed under ours soon enough, children.

Question #2, how'd you deal with the Boomers?

6 people just got killed by their howitzers over and over again. That guy sitting by his house must be getting fat stacks of caps from you losers.

8 people killed them all. That'll teach people to defend themselves from possibly scary people!

288 people helped them rebuild the plane and probably used them at Hoover Dam. As long as you didn't harm The Lady in the Water, you were fine.

What time is it? Poll time! What time is it? POLL TIME! WHAT TIME IS IT? I forget.

How did you handle the Enclave Remnant situation in New Vegas?

The poll was created at 23:37 on June 22, 2013, and so far 316 people voted.
Which heavy armor is your favorite?

The poll was created at 23:37 on June 22, 2013, and so far 331 people voted.

As a final note, screw the five or so people that were happy CoD: Ghosts was announced. Don't feed dogs with big teeth and don't poke the dead squirrel. Have a good week, now!

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