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Question #1 Leea asked What do you do when one of your favorite songs comes on the radio in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas?

  • In third place with 12 votes is turn up the radio and start dancing. I wonder how you're supposed to dance in the game though.
  • In 2nd place with 13 votes is I don't listen to the radio. Probably because video killed the radio star.
  • In 1st place with a whopping 132 votes was they just listen to the song and continue on with what they're doing. Doesn't normalcy beat all?

Question #2 I asked When you first encountered Fisto, did you ever... you know?

  • In third place with 21 votes was I tried him out and wanted seconds! Fisto can turn any robophobe into a robosexual.
  • In 2nd place with 52 votes was yes, to try him out just to make sure. Yeah, suuuuure....
  • And in 1st place with 87 votes was a flat out No! Beatrix is more of their type.

Question #3 I asked Fallout 2 had a gameplay mechanic of marriage, would you like to see this return in the next game?

  • In 3rd place with 24 votes was no. Have you ever seen the Fable 3 kind? Eww.
  • In second place with 31 votes was yes, I'd like to marry my fellow players! Just make sure your girlfriend doesn't find out...
  • And in 1st place with 106 votes yes, if it was improved. Consider that a divorce.

Question #4 I asked Does Ulysses talk to much?

  • In third place with 22 votes is yes, I've skipped his dialogue several times. Man, talk about talking the player to death.
  • In second place with 44 votes is no, because he speaks deep stuff! Like how you could save 12 caps off your next Stimpak purchase by ordering 5 in the next hour!
  • In first place with 82 votes is yes, but I've listened to all of it anyway. The poor souls.

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