We've already seen the (pretty bad) preview of Fallout: New Vegas from OXM UK. Fortunately, its US counterpart is much better written. Most of the info is old, but here's some new stuff:

  • Character creation is virtually identical to Fallout 3, with cosmetic changes like the Gene Projector being replaced by ReflectionTM, "You're SPECIAL!" by Vit-o-Matic machine and GOAT by a psychological test
  • The local super mutants are pretty tough and will keep you from wandering aimlessly in the early portions of the game - they tend to be tougher even than deathclaws
  • Sunny Smiles' dog is named Cheyenne. They'll assist you with the Powder Gangers in the Ghost Town Firefight quest if you help her kill some geckos.
  • The Varmint rifle is a low-power .22LR round that does significant damage to limbs and has a high critical bonus
  • If your Barter skill is high enough, Chet the shopkeeper give you the 9-Iron golf club and some weapon mods
  • Every skill will have use in conversations at various points
  • Each firearm has a maximum of three modification slots. Once you affix a mod to a gun, it's permanent. Hunting Rifle modification examples given are scope, custom action and extended clip.
  • Temporary followers, like the Goodsprings folks that can help you defeat the Powder Gangers, will also be controlled through the companion wheel
  • Concept art of Hoover Dam and screenshots of the Black Mountain radio tower and the character standing inside the mouth of Dinky the Dinosaur shown
  • With high local reputation at Goodsprings, you'll get a free bed to sleep in and a discount at the store
  • Neil, a super mutant who hates Tabitha, can help you storm the mountain
  • Tabitha is actually a male super mutant gone completely insane
  • "Skill magazines" you find in New Vegas will only temporarily boost your skills
  • There's a rollercoaster in Primm
  • The combat gameplay was tweaked to be more first-person-shootery

Thanks, Cpt. E. Blackadder!

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