Here's another roundup of forum posts by Fallout: New Vegas developers, from the official forum, Something Awful and Formspring. Some of them concern issues that will be fixed in the upcoming patch. J.E. Sawyer also gives some more modding tips.

Latest patch:

It is an .exe only patch. Content fixes are coming *~ soon ~*.J.E. Sawyer

Rex/ED-E bugs:

BTW, RE: Rex/ED-E being randomly attacked: We discovered what was causing this. Sandboxing AI sees food (including water) on ED-E or Rex and decides that the only way to get that delicious food is to kill them. Because they are not NPCs (in code, they are "creatures"), this is "legitimate" behavior. We have fixed this behavior for the upcoming patch. Until then, a workaround is to remove food/water items from Rex/ED-E before hungry, hungry sandboxing folks get near those dudes.J.E. Sawyer

Veronica leveling bug:

Veronica's issue was a data issue, not code, so she won't be patch-fixed until the data patch goes out.J.E. Sawyer

Patch status:

We're putting the final touches on the patch. It shouldn't be too much longer. On the day it becomes available, we'll let folks know.Matt Grandstaff

Wrong Marsden credited for Boone:

Yes, the credits are wrong. They'll be fixed in the next patch. Not sure how that happened, but I'm going to say it's my fault, since I wrote the credits. This summer is kind of a blur. :)

Nice to hear everyone liked Cass' performance. Rachel Roswell hadn't done much VO work, but she was an absolute pro in the studio. Total one take wonder.

I would have *killed* to work with Simon Templeman! I love that guy. I'm a big Legacy of Kain fan, largely because of the VO work (which includes Rene Auberjonois, our Mr. House, along with other Fallout alumni, like the late great Tony Jay). In my mind, he IS the voice of evil. Unfortunately it's also a very British voice of evil, and we really didn't have much call for that in FNV.
Jason Bergman

Ammo tweaks:

As Lord Vukodlak suggested, it's difficult for the DAM readout to account for the interaction between DT and various ammo effects. We settled on the "order of operations" for ammo effects to ensure that hollow point rounds and armor piercing rounds behaved in a fashion that made sense. OC/MC ammunition doesn't use any DT bypass currently, so it winds up suffering from that order. I ruled out allowing for variable orders of operations because it would make testing/debugging (much) more of a pain. For the upcoming patch, all energy weapon ammo types (including MF Breeder and including base types, but excluding Flamer Fuel) have built-in DT bypass. I have made other tweaks to individual Energy Weapons across the spectrum, but the modification to ammo effects is probably the most noticeable and significant.J.E. Sawyer

DT bug:

There is a known bug that DT added through effects/direct modification of the actor value are doubled. This is fixed in the next patch.J.E. Sawyer


I think Violet's area is the only Fiend area that has chopped up bodies, and it's because that's what she uses to feed the dogs.J.E. Sawyer


Auto-aim in F:NV is disabled when you aim using a scoped weapon.J.E. Sawyer


Almost all of the weapons (except the Alien Blaster, I guess) have some tiny amount of spread. If your limbs are not crippled, you're crouching, still, aiming, meet the weapon's skill/STR requirements, you will have very little spread and next to no wobble.J.E. Sawyer

Killing characters:

You don't have to fight hordes of enemies at Hoover Dam. You don't have to fight anyone in the game anywhere, ever.

The game's design philosophy is that if you have line of sight to a character, the player must be able to kill that character (excepting children) using standard game mechanics. This is similar to Fallout and Fallout 2's approach, excepting the Overseer in F1 (whom you can't really kill using normal game mechanics) and the first appearance of Frank Horrigan in F2 (in which you are forced to watch a cutscene).

We tried to avoid forcing the player to watch some tough guy run around being swole and muttering "HEH" before walking away whilst the Courier sits on his/her thumbs for no reason.
J.E. Sawyer

How to make a holdout weapon?

Go to the FormList section of GECK objects and filter for "Holdout". You will see a standard holdout weapon list and an improved holdout weapon list. The improved list is for "breadbox"-sized weapons that require a certain level of Sneak to take in. The standard list is for genuinely smallish weapons. To avoid conflicts with other mods, you should use a script to add your new items to the existing holdout weapon lists rather than overriding the formlist files themselves.J.E. Sawyer

Perks on companions:

There is an undocumented feature in F:NV that some modders may find useful. It is the ability to give perks to companions. Or, more accurately, it is the ability to add perks to a special list on the player the will have an effect on any active followers. Here's how it works:

player.addperk XXXXXXXXXXXXX 1

The "1" means "put this on the special list for companions". Companions will still not store/keep perks, but we give the player a second list of non-displayed perks that only apply to companions. If you want the effect to apply to all companions, you do not need to conditionalize the perk owner conditions for the perk's entry points. If you want the perk to be special for the companion, check the NPC's ID or ref in the perk owner conditions.

I recommend making special companion versions of perks even if you want to use existing effects. E.g. if you want to give Raul the equivalent of Shotgun Surgeon for some reason, make a special "RaulShotgunSurgeonPerk" that's filtered just to him, and add it to the player with player.addperk RaulShotgunSurgeonPerk 1 the first time Raul is hired. Even if Raul leaves the party, you shouldn't have to worry about the perk hanging out on the player as long as the perk owner conditions are filtered properly.

N.B.: The effects will ONLY work while a companion is in the party. So in the above scenario, Raul would no longer have the benefits of RaulShotgunSurgeon if he left the party.
J.E. Sawyer



eLoveTesterMenu=1074 //Love Tester - the machine that determines your SPECIAL stats

eCompanionWheelMenu=1075 //CompanionWheel Menu - radial that control companions

eTraitSelectMenu=1076 //The Medical Questionnaire (not used)

eRecipeMenu=1077 //Recipe Menu

eSlotMachineMenu=1080 //MiniGame: Slot Machine Menu

eBlackJackMenu=1081 //MiniGame: Blackjack Table Menu

eRouletteMenu=1082 //MiniGame: Roulette Table Menu

eCaravanMenu=1083 //MiniGame: Caravan Menu

eTraitMenu=1084 //Character creation trait menu that is not the medical questionaire.
J.E. Sawyer

How early was the anti-cheating device at the tables deemed necessary and who came up with the timer?

Before we designed any of the gambling mini-games I had already talked to programming about implementing some form of anti-save-scumming feature. Randomized gambling, especially for games with such a fast turnover, like roulette and slots, would have been kind of pointless without a disincentive to save-scumming.J.E. Sawyer

I'm a bit annoyed by all the discussions of who are the "good" guys in NV when there clearly isn't one. Can you put this issue to rest, right here, right now?

I am a product of my LIEberal arts education and consequently, a moral relativist. This means not only am I not willing to put the issue to rest, but do not believe it is possible for me to do so.J.E. Sawyer

Why are player's dialogue lines shorter/less deep than in FO1/2?

Part of that was a mandate from me that the writers not shove words into the player's mouth with basic dialogue responses. Generally speaking, the more the author defines what the player says, the less freedom the player has to maintain his/her character concept. I call it "emotional/intent loading". The exceptions to this are for stat-, skill-, or perk-based unlocks since they demand a higher level of specificity.J.E. Sawyer

Dialogue depth:

Without doing a side-by-side comparison to F1/F2, I think F:NV has a large number of deep dialogues. Off the top of my head, Caesar, Mr. House, and many of the companions have extensive dialogues.J.E. Sawyer

I understand if you don't want to over develop PC, but not developing it is not an answer.

It certainly is an answer; it's just one that you don't like. The lines with specific intent were ones that didn't have to do with run-of-the-mill queries. I think you risk alienating a lot of people by adding secondary tone to basic questions and statements. It does give character to dialogue, but there's no telling if any given player will like the character that's being given. And if the only way you can ask an NPC what should be a straightforward question is to pick a line you don't like because it has a side-order of sass the author decided to throw in for chuckles, it can get irritating.J.E. Sawyer

One of the depth problems is the fact that a lot of quest-related dialog options reside amongst first set of choices, negating any need for investigative approach. NPCs loose depth from their blind belief in PC and from PC having less incentive to explore.

Forcing players to wade through dialogue they may not be interested in doesn't make that dialogue more compelling; it just makes it mandatory. If you're interested in details and background information, explore the dialogue trees. If you're not, don't.J.E. Sawyer

What is a one sentence character summary for a Legionnaire?

True to Caesar.J.E. Sawyer
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