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Crispy Gamer and Game Trust are having yet another "Game of the Decade" competition. Fallout 3 is on the list (in the Alucard Division), while the AV Club already included Fallout 3 on their list of 15 best videogames of the ’00s.

Fallout on GameTap has been updated with 64-bit compatibility, as well as updated to version 1.1. - the previous version was apparently unpatched.

Villain Gaming includes the Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 on their list of "Must have" Xbox 360 games this Christmas.

Planet Xbox 360 includes Broken Steel's Tesla cannon on their list of Top 10 Weapons of War in Next-Gen Gaming

Before you email me screaming that this weapon isn’t in the game, that’s correct, it isn’t. You have to download the Broken Steel DLC, which I have no idea why you wouldn’t given it gives to the ability to go up to level 30 as well as have access to an exceptional storyline involving the Enclave. That being said, if there is one thing that makes up for having to trudge through the Old Olney Power Station, fighting more Deathclaws than I would ever have preferred bumping into, it was receiving the Tesla Cannon. Now if you are not familiar with how awesome Nikola Tesla was, you should really give him a glance, because the science behind this weapon is actually very interesting. Essentially, it fires a beam of electricity that effectively has the same composure as freaking lightning. So, not only does it damage mechanical along with organic enemies, it keeps hurting them for a few moments after the initial hit. Additionally, it does a massive amount of damage with each subsequent shot, needing only about two shots to bring down Deathclaws. Frankly, this is probably the most addictive weapon I’ve ever used in Fallout and despite being a one-shot weapon, it kept enemies at bay long enough to get 1.21 gigawatts coursing through them so I could enjoy the miniature Christmas of adding new gear to my inventory.

G4TV has an article titled Going And Going And Going And Going -- When A Game Outstays Its Welcome

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is a good game. It's worth playing. Since G4 scored it so highly, I made it my Thanksgiving travel game, figuring I could dump a solid 10-12 hours into the light-hearted RPG adventure and move on with my life. It's not FInal Fantasy, right? Turns out, Bowser's Inside Story is pretty addicting -- but also long, very long. Almost 20 hours into Bowser's Inside Story, the plot is finally making its last few twists and I've conquered the last of the tacked-on dungeons.

At near 20 hours, Bowser's Inside Story has long outstayed its welcome by more than six hours. I don't want to play it anymore. The writing's great, but I don't really care how the story ends. Because I'm committed to finishing things, I'm finding myself picking up Bowser's Inside Story again and again.

By comparison, however, I played Fallout 3 for more than 85 hours. It took more than three days of total gameplay time (in real hours!) in order for Bethseda Softwork's game to start boring me.

What's the difference? The number of carrots.

Bethesda's newest community manager, Nick Breckon, interviews himself in another Inside the Vault feature.

As the new Community Manager, what background do you have in playing Bethesda titles?

I have to imagine this is one of those questions that drives non-industry types crazy. Some people get questions like “what background do you have in shelf-sorting?” I get “what background do you have in playing Bethesda videogames?”

In any case, the answer is: quite a lot. It started with a casual Morrowind addiction that my college roommate shared with me, and eventually grew into an Oblivion obsession. Fallout has been one of my favorites since 1997, and Fallout 3 surpassed my most optimistic expectations for a new sequel in every way. As for platforms, I dabble in all of them, though I have a special place in my heart for PC gaming and mod communities.
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