Here's another developer quote roundup, this time dedicated mostly to Interplay's Fallout Online. All of the following quotes are from Chris Taylor's posts in the Interplay forum.

Permadeath and full-loot PvP:

Permadeath and full-loot PVP are not going to happen. They have been discussed internally and we have no plans for either of those options. Personally, if we had the resources, I would love to create a server with both options enabled. Call it Australia or something. (I kid, I kid! I love aussies!)

PvP and PvE:

Details have not been announced, but we plan on having all both PVE and PVP content. It'd be silly not to support lots of different types of gamers. At not all gamers are easy to pigeon-hole. Some people like to do PVE one day and PVP the next.

Playing solo:

We're going to have content for solo players (you will be able to play solo all the time, you just won't be able to do everything), groups and guilds. Groups will have access to a little more content than solo players.

Think of it as a pyramid. At the bottom is the majority of content that will be accessible by everyone. As you move up the pyramid, it will take more skills, perks weapons, armor and friends.

Being able to solo is important to us. I personally want to cruise the wastes, looking for trouble and running away screaming like a little ghoul when I find it.

Who writes the Fallout Online newsletter?

95% Mark. You can blame me for the 5% that sucks.



-Chris "More like 10% really" Taylor

Will it be a copy of some other game?

I can't stress this enough... We're not going out of our way to make a clone of any game. We're adding the features and content that we want (and "we" means the development team, the executives are giving us a lot of latitude and freedom. Way more than we had even on the original Fallout.) If _some_ of those features are already in use by other games, so be it. We're not adding stuff to be like them, and we're not adding stuff just so we can be different. Being different just for the sake of being different is as silly as cloning another game and giving you a reskinned version of whatever the flavor of the month is.

We're doing stuff that we want to make the game that we want. It worked for the original Fallout, so I hope it works here, too.

End of line.

Monthly fees vs. micropayments:

Details have not been announced.

A final decision regarding fees has not been made, but it'll probably be whatever the industry standard is. It may be different depending if your in the US or playing in another country (the payment type is most likely going to be localized to whatever the local standard is).

We're making too big of a game to have no monthly fees or some kind of micropayment. There has to be income in order to produce additional content, maintain the servers, provide customer support and so on. TANSTAAFL.

I personally prefer a fairly typical monthly subscription. Makes it easy and probably saves me money in the long run compared to micropayments.

Porting Fallout and Fallout 2 to iOS:

[...] the quick answer is no, we can't port Fallout to any other platform. We only have the rights to the original games on their original platforms and the MMO. I would pay $4.99 for Fallout 1 on the iPad, however. ^_^
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