Here are some interesting new posts by Chris Taylor from the official Fallout Online forum.

First, he discusses PvP in the game:

Some thoughts:
  • There will be lots of PvP, but that won't be the only activity.
  • There will be restrictions. Our vision of PvP requires player consent.
  • PvP can occur pretty much anywhere in the world, but not all players can partake in PvP. This goes beyond the /duel command; there is a whole different system in play here. It's not the old EQ-style PVP switch. It's something new. We're just not ready to give details at this time.
  • If you heavily commit to PvP, you will be rewarded. It will be risky, but the rewards are designed to make it worthwhile. If you'd like to dabble in PvP, you will still be rewarded and won't risk as much. We hope to entice more people to be involved in PvP, without making it a requirement.

In another thread, he expands a bit more on player death:

There will be a penalty for "defeat". We plan on making it painful enough that you want to avoid it happening, but not so painful that you log out and immediately throw your keyboard and monitor out the window. Somewhere in between would be nice. Repeated defeats will be more and more ***************. [EDIT: Oh, snap, the Big Idea filter caught that one, sorry.)

And has also posted a poll on hidden character bonuses:

This poll question involves the character creation phase of the game.

You would create your character in the normal way. But along with everything you do, you’d get one (or maybe more) hidden bonuses. The bonus would be something similar to a Perk, but maybe not that big and/or not even something on the Perk’s list.

This will NOT affect your character creation at all. You would still build it to your specifications.

This bonus may not manifest itself early on. There would be ways to discover what it was, if you couldn’t tell from occurrences in play.

The idea is to insure your character is special and different from any other character out there. (As well as have a secret or two to discover.)

Discuss why you would or would not like it in the thread. Also, if you like it, what kinds of things you’d like to see?
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