No Mutants Allowed, a site that I have for a long time now considered the absolute best source of information for the original Fallout games, has started releasing a long long writeup on where it all started for this series we've all come to love so much. NMA sent some questions to Scott Campbell, the designer for the original Fallout, and a man that played a large part in the shaping of the Fallout universe.

What they got in return was more than just a couple of footnotes. Campbell sat down and wrote over 10 pages on how it all came to be, stretching back to Wasteland, and containing stories of how it was to work at Interplay, and the "creative" process they went through when coming up with it all.

If you'd like to know how it all started, I'd suggest you head over and read Part 1, which was released yesterday, and part 2, which was released today. A third part will probably come tomorrow or at least over the weekend.

-=KAG=-My Pride 04:27, February 17, 2012 (UTC)