In this Edition of the Wiki news digest:

Administrative Enclave Changes

Congratulations to KingClyde who has been elected by the community to the position of Bureaucrat. Despite some dissent in the comment section the vote count was unopposed. Wikia have bestowed upon him the key to the Bureaucrat lounge and the access rights that go with it.

Yes-Man has decided to depart the Moderation team for pastures anew. I hope I speak for most when I thank him for his great contributions to the Wiki and am sad to see him go.

This leaves the "Declared" Administrative Enclave as follows.




If I've left you off the list please either let me know or feel free to add yourself to the list if you have access.

Just a reminder: In the past we've had as many as 4 Active Bureaucrats so if you're potentially interested in the position (and are a current Admin) or would like to nominate yourself for Admin or Moderator please feel free to nominate yourself in the Wiki Discussion Forum. Please ensure you meet the posting requirements of the position before creating your poll - you can find these here.

Name Change Update

The Plebacite for a new name for the Wiki continues here. Leading the pack is "GECKipedia" on 6 yeses and 2 Maybes followed by "Fallout Universe" also on 6 Yeses but only 1 maybe. Vault Dwellers Survival Guide rounds out the pack at 3 Yeses and 2 maybes. Please make sure you've had your say on all options by December 13.

Original Vault Boys sought

I'm seeking a pair of Vault Boys to be used in future news posts. Whilst previous news digests have included Vault Boy at work at his terminal; in order not to create issues with the other Wiki I'd like to solicit ideas for a replacement. I'm thinking perhaps a Vault boy dressed as a 20th century reporter with a press pass in a hatband - but I'm happy to hear your ideas.

I'm also interested in any ideas for a law based Vault Boy for the Bethesda v Interplay posts. Yes-Man has submitted a version of Vault Boy with a Gavel and Judges Wig; but if anyone else would like to submit an idea (perhaps a Vault boy version of Lady Justice; judge vault boy or vault boy on the stand) please link them here

I promise No change will be made without giving the community a say.

Relics of the War that Wasn't

Wouldn't it be cool if you could visit a real live vault? If you're taking a pilgrimage to Washington DC anytime soon (perhaps surveying possible vault sites) perhaps a side trip to the Greenbrier Resort is in order?

Greenbrier Resort is a hotel complex that once housed a great secret - it was to be the designated safe place for the US Congress. A huge complex was built underneath a new wing designed to keep legislators and their families safe in the event that it looked like the bombs were about to fall. It only fell out of use after some nosy reporter started asking questions.

For those of you who can't venture out the wastelands American PBS network has a virtual tour online

If you have a relic of "the war that wasn't" you'd like to see featured please let me know.

Next Wiki News Digest: Pending breaking stories between now and then the next Wiki News Digest will likely be published on or around December 13 following the closure of the Name Poll. If you have any items you'd like me to include; please drop me a line. Agent c 00:34, December 8, 2011 (UTC)

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