Hi Folks; welcome to another exciting wiki news digest.

Continuity Of Operations

The following members of the admin team have indicated that they will continue to visit and perform admin duties on this wiki; although for some it may be at a reduced level than their normal commitment. This isn't to say that other admins will or won't be around but if you do have any questions for these folks then it may be best to address them to one of the following:


Sadly none have indicated their intention to continue posting at this stage.



If I've missed your name from the list please let me know (or alternatively if you have the access just add your name into the page yourself... I won't mind).

Since we've now been throughout the apparent apocolypse and you guys are in charge I guess that makes you our own real life Enclave...

Just a reminder for anyone wishing to step up to the mark; the minimum requirements for Moderator and Admin roles are listed Here. Not too sure how this is exactly going to work out with no active Bureaucrats (we might have to get some of Mom's Rat surprise as a bribe to entice them back for a while) but if you meet the requirements and want to step up just follow the instructions on that page.

Further conversations on continuing wiki operations continue In the Continuity of Operations thread.

Late breaking edit

Name and Branding

The Poll for a temporary name change for the wiki to "Fallout Wiki" has concluded with no opposing votes. This change will now be considered by the (remaining) admin team.

A plebiscite for a more permanent change continues Here. I think we're still happy to accept new suggestions but theres over half a dozen possibilities suggested so far; your views on this are important so please do make your voice heard. At the moment I think we're planning a further vote to ratify the most popular choice as the official name; but your views on how to handle the name change are also welcome in this thread.

Once we've got a name I guess we can then look at a permanent icon; Favicon and general presentation of the Wiki itself.

Odds and Ends

Before bringing this digest to a close; I'm intending on doing more of these as news breaks if there are no major objections; this said the News pages on this wiki remain as they always have been - if you have news create a blog post with the news category added. However if you have a minor update or if you're feeling shy and don't want to post it yourself please feel free to drop a lead on my talk page or in the comments of a digest.

And lastly; In what I hope will remain a regular feature of my news posts... In a similar vein to the WOWO broadcast I'm bringing more relics of "the war that wasn't". For those of us who were either not born; or were too young to remember throughout a good chunk of the 20th century nations lived in fear that another would bring down nuclear fire on each other. The Good news is they didn't; and the better news is this fear inspired our favourite RPG series; however there were lots of plans afoot to (try) to deal with the situation if it occurred.

in the Event of Nuclear War seeming imminent the UK Government's civil defence strategy included a number of documents and TV spots that came under the brand "protect and Survive". Newspapers would be required to include a number of pamphlets and TV stations would be required to air these spots encouraging people to build temporary shelters and advising what to do afterwards. These documents have been lovingly posted online Here.

If you have a particular relic of "the war that wasn't" that you'd like to see included in a future digest; please feel free to drop me a line on my talk page (They're not newsworthy enough in their own right for their own post I'm afraid).

Agent c 04:02, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

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