For those of you who are enjoying Fallout Shelter - or looking for a reason to start - Today is your day. Update 1.6 AND the long awaited PC version have hit the virtual shelves. Bethesda say its the biggest Fallout Shelter yet.
Fallout Shelter – Quests and PC Version Now Available

Fallout Shelter – Quests and PC Version Now Available

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Some of the things you'll be able to experience include:

  • Quests: Its no longer just a matter of sending your dwellers to the wasteland, you'll now send em to Vaults, Red Rocket, the Super Duper Mart, and will face off even more impressive enemies, including bosses.
  • Updates to Combat: You'll now have better control over your dwellers, allowing you to select which enemies to attack and play a mini game for a critical hit. You can also use new items in new ways.
  • PC Version: No longer are you restricted to playing the game on the go, now you can settle down to your favourite workstation and focus on your Vault Tec simulation. The PC version is now available through the Bethesda.Net Launcher

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