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From the Administrative Enclave

Voting has commenced...

Closing Votes

Chat Logging

Please be aware that the Chat is now logged 24/7 by FOWchatbot. We're talking about the specific policy on logging and this account here, but the account will be an "official" account usually controlled by The Gunny.

If you need logs, they'll be made available [[Fallout_Wiki:Chat/Logs|here]].

Signature Images again

We're talking about signature images again... The rule is currently officially one... But how about two or abolishing the limit altogether.... Join in and tell us your thoughts.

From Wikia, with love

Twinkle, Twinkle, Wikia Stars

50px-5610304.png from Cshannon (Christy) @ Wikia

Each time I explore a wiki I am amazed at the extent of collaboration that exists - not only of users building out pages of content, but also how community members help each other with design, templates, complex code and how welcoming our communities are to new users. As I write this, Wikia consists of 286,070 communities and 20,124,135 total pages including rich communities like Wookieepedia and The Elder Scrolls Wiki, which on their own are bigger websites than and We recognize the significant amount of work, passion and expertise that is required to blossom as a full-fledged and thriving Wikia community, and we are proud when we have the opportunity to share this with the rest of the world.

That is why I am happy to announce today a new recognition program you will soon see on Wikia. We’re excited to officially kick off the Wikia Stars program. Wikia Stars is a group of selected community members from across the world who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in creating and collaborating within their individual communities. They are often admins or bureaucrats, are experts in their passion and positively contribute to the Wikia community to help other users. Over the course of the next couple of months, you will begin to see the Stars designation appear on these users’ profiles and you will see them featured on the site. Stars will be invited to help contribute to Wikia in cross-community efforts such as guest-authoring, appearing at events and/or participating in interviews-- giving Stars and the communities they represent more exposure for the hard work they are already doing, and the expertise they’ve developed.

In addition, Wikia Stars will be a resource for you! Stars will help you to become an even better Wikia user by sharing what they know (and love).

Keep an eye out for the Stars designation on their profiles, their touch throughout Wikia and check back here to see ongoing Star features. Stars is by invitation but we are always seeking nominations (if you’re interested, apply here). Stay tuned.

Visit here to apply or nominate a community member for Wikia Stars!

Who wants to be a game show contestant?

50px-1966728.png From our old friend George/Lizzuchnbox comes this...

Think You're A Gaming Whiz? Wikia Games First-Ever Quiz Show I'm excited to announce that this February, Wikia Games is going to air its first-ever gaming quiz show. This show will be a video series we launch in the middle of February, and we're looking for YOU to fill the role of game show contestant.

I'll have lots more details in the next few days, but if you answer yes to the following questions, we think you'll make a good candidate.

  1. Are you a human being?
  2. Do you play video games?
  3. Do you know a lot about video games?
  4. Are you okay with being on camera?
  5. Do you have a webcam?
  6. Are you going to be free the week of January 30, 2013?
  7. Are you okay with writing some questions for your fellow contestants to answer?

If you apply--and we hope you do--we'll be contacting you in the next few weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to send me email at

We hope to hear from you. Fabulous prizes await the winners!

Apply for that here....

(As an aside, I've been asked to provide a few questions for this as well).

Yes, there is Fallout 4 news

The voice of 3 Dog is back?

To start, a repeat from earlier in the week.

To all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!Erik Dellums, Twitter
How was that for a tease! I was given permission to release that tease, so fingers crossed.— Erik Dellums, twitter

See Erik T Dellum's Twitter here.

This is why we do not report rumours from Reddit

An important lesson in basic journalism was taught this week by some still unknown someone to various gaming news sites.

You may have read reports of this particular post on Reddit.


Sounds exciting huh... a rumour just after the 3 Dog news... Its general enough that it could almost be true.

However lets stop and think about this for a moment. This was the first post from that particular user. He offers nothing to prove his claim. There is no way of verifying the story, or even indicating that it comes from a trustworthy source. We don't even know his name!

Now with all that in mind, does seeing this in his most recent posts surprise anyone?


Well, the only bit that surprised me is that he was honest about making it all up.

Now guys, think back a few months ago, about the MIT rumour... It has all the same hallmarks (except the confession), New account, nothing to prove any of his claims, no name, etc.

A few weeks later, a similar post, with all the same hallmarks, claiming a multi-state 3rd person game made by Obsidian also appeared on Reddit.

So to, The Official Xbox Magazine (uk) PSX Extreme and Gameranx a special message... Don't feed the Yao Guai Trolls. How about looking for a reason to believe them first before posting a random rumour from an anonymous, unverifiable person?

Fallout 4 portal open

We've officially opened The Fallout 4 section of the site. As you can see, its pretty bare. Please help us fill it as further news breaks.

News from the wastes

Switching gears from Wasteland to my 2 yr. old sons Mickey Mouse party. My wife says 3 legged hookers have no place there. Not sure I agree.— Chris Keenan, ‏@rangerkeenan


Wasteland 2 being born.

Stand by for something big in the next few weeks...

Ranger Team One, we have a distress call from Ag-Center. They're reporting plant activity with casualties. Time to earn your pay, cupcakes.— Brian Fargo, @BrianFargo

This is from update 22...

The team at inXile is filled with nervous energy to show off what we've been working on. As we're now in full production, we've been making some great strides with the game’s systems. There is still quite a ways to go, but we're near the point where we can show you all a bit of what you pledged to make a reality.
Within a month, you can expect a new update which will show a few minutes of actual gameplay. The video will follow a slice of the Agricultural Center, which was designed by Mr. Chris Avellone. You'll see a team of four Rangers running around in the world, some early working HUD elements, a few combat encounters, a taste of dialog, and the ranger team using some of their skills. We’ve been working on each of these systems separately and this is the first time we've put them all together to get a small sample of the gameplay experience. It's beginning to look like a real game!
Keep in mind that this is an early build and is intended as a progress report, not as a demonstration of final gameplay. As always, we want to hear your feedback! It has been a cornerstone of our development up to this point and we beg that you keep it coming as it will only result in a better game for everyone. We follow all channels available to us so let us know with a comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, forums, or by simply shouting very loudly.

Old Wasteland fans will of course remember visiting the Agricultural center before.... I wonder if its changed much?


(Notes location of Money bags for future reference)

Tormenting the fans...

As we reported late last year, InXile will also be bringing forth a spiritual sequel to that other Black Isle magna opus Planescape: Torment. This game will be set in the world of "Numenera", a pen and paper RPG setting that owes its start to Kickstarter... Rock Paper Shotgun this week has interviewed Brian Fargo for more.

RPS- I know he revealed it back in August and seemed to have a ton of groundwork done already, but is Monte Cook’s Numenera setting being designed with a Torment game in mind to any extent? Will you guys have a chance to shape his plans for that as you’ll be working together?

Fargo: The wheels for the Torment game have been in motion for quite some time. The more we explored the Numenera setting, the clearer it became that it’s a natural fit for a Torment game. And it isn’t too surprising that Numenera’s aesthetics work well for Torment given that Monte was a key designer for the Planescape setting.

Numenera is very exotic and rich, but is a flexible universe that empowers and support GMs. As Torment desires certain locations or features, we’ll be able to do what we need to while fully respecting the setting. This goes beyond a typical licensing arrangement as Monte will be giving us direct input and even provide writing for some of the game areas. I’m really pleased to have Monte be part of the team.

RPS – What are the stand-out aspects of Numenera for you, in terms of suiting your dev plans? How much is about the setting and how much the roleplaying mechanics?

Fargo: A Torment game requires big ideas and a truly exotic setting in order to explore the underlying thematic elements. Colin described it best when he said “Torment’s themes are essentially metaphysical, getting to the heart of what it means to be alive and conscious, and it’s easier to ask those questions in a setting that is far removed from the familiar.” Numenera is such a setting, and it has tremendous potential to cultivate those ideas. We won’t have faeries or devils, but we’ll have diabolical creatures from far dimensions with schemes beyond human imagination. We won’t have gods, but we’ll have creatures who have lived for millennia with the powers of creation and destruction at their fingertips, with abilities honed over countless lifetimes. We won’t have other planes per se, but we’ll have pathways to hostile worlds and bizarre landscapes and ancient machines that catapult the players into places where the ordinary laws of nature no longer apply. In terms of role-playing mechanics, we won’t be attempting to literally translate the Numenera tabletop system into electronic form. However, its gameplay mechanics are very solid and include several components that will lend themselves to great (and innovative) cRPG gameplay. It’s great to have the Numenera rules as a starting point and to be working with Monte to adapt them for a cRPG.


RPS – Where are inXile up to in terms of designing this thing, given you’ve presumably incredibly busy with Wasteland? Will you be working on it concurrently with Wasteland or saving it for later?

Fargo: We’re very early in Torment’s preproduction right now. We have a basic story outline, design sketches of the major characters, and thematic concepts defined. Wasteland 2 is in full production and we don’t want to detract from that focus. But with that said, the writers on Wasteland are complete for the most part and the concept artists are not involved at this stage in the game. The guys working on Torment are no longer working on Wasteland 2 and I want to keep these talented guys busy for us. Typically we do begin design of the next game while the production team is working on the current one. This allows the team to take a nice break once they are complete on the current game and then come back to roll onto a design that is thorough and polished. The last thing we want to do is break up a winning team.

I find this model creates a better quality flow of product and doesn’t have the team jumping onto a sequel before there has been adequate time to absorb the feedback from the game that just shipped. It is a luxury that most mid size developers are not able to have and it allows the time required to create classics. I never like sequels to be rushed and working this way ensures the team works on fresh ideas.

RPS – While PST was a team effort Avellone’s become the poster boy for it since release – so, have you been thinking/talking about getting him involved? And if you can’t for any reason, do you have a plan on how to convince the PST faithful that is a true-blue Torment?

Fargo: Chris deserves all the credit that he receives and we are working with him on Wasteland 2 as you know. My role as executive producer is to assemble top notch teams and to make sure we stay on point for what we are creating. I’m really happy with the team we have assembled for this game. It was Chris who urged me to work with both Colin McComb and Kevin Saunders for this project and he has given us his blessing for another Torment. Colin McComb and Monte Cook were two of the primary developers of the Planescape campaign setting for TSR, and Colin was one of the main designers on the original Torment. Colin serves as creative lead for this Torment and will be driving the story vision for the game.

Kevin Saunders, the project director, worked with Chris at Obsidian for 5 years – including leading the Mask of the Betrayer (MotB) team. People might remember that MotB was very well received and there were more than a few comparisons to PST. Kevin was also the lead designer and producer for Shattered Galaxy, which swept the 2001 Independent Games Festival and was acknowledged by GameSpot as the Most Innovative Game of the year.

Additionally, we have one of the unsung heroes of PST on the design team: scripter Adam Heine, who really helped breathe life into the game. He was also one of the designers on Black Isle’s TORN, having moved to that position in large part because of his excellent work on PST.

Our talented artists include Dana Knutson, the concept artist from the original Planescape campaign setting, and he’s been helping bring our ideas to life.

And to really show we are serious about the writing aspects of this game we brought Ray Vallese in as the editor to ensure the detail and consistency of the story. Ray too was part of the Planescape team at TSR.

There will be some other surprise talent that I’ll announce later on but I thought it important to stress the heritage of the great team we have. I feel quite confident that the players of PST will feel comfortable and appreciate the experience being created.


PC Gamer has been covering fan project "Project Brazil" a LA-based "prequel" to New Vegas, set in the Fallout 2 era.


As Project Brazil’s Mod DB entry states: “This mod adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a quest to a hidden complex called ‘Brazil’ in the ruins of Los Angeles. Along the way, you’ll discover a pitched battle between the Survivalist Army, the New California Republic, and The Super Mutants, which shapes the politics and events leading to the NCR’s invasion of the Mojave. The story takes place in 2260—many years before the ‘Courier’ awakes in New Vegas, while the Enclave struggles to rise again on the West Coast.”
Thaiauxn’s plans to release several chapters starting sometime in the next few months, with the mod’s first split into three parts. The full campaign will eventually contain 16 primary quests and “several side stories, all related to the player’s journey through Vault 18 and the wasteland of San Bernardino.” It’s definitely a work-in-progress, though, and Thaiauxn is seeking additional help from writers, scripters, and modelers.
Check it out on Modbb here


Well, that's it, see you all next week.... I'm off to Reddit to post rumours about Fallout: Luton, and its DLCs - Fallout: Gatwick and Fallout: Heathrow. Agent c (talk) 23:30, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

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