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Yeah, that site
With the Survivor site looking all the more suspicious following the withdrawal of the Fallout 4 Trademark application... We're still intrigued to find out what happens with the timer hits zero. We'll have an extra news blog go out when it does.

Timer hits zero

Yeah, that site again
Although there was a second timer, it seems the that prankster has had his laugh, and has replaced it with a video of Rick Astley singing never gunna give you up, and then tunnel snakes rule Well... I hate to say I told you so....

Bethesda will NOT be at VGAs/VGXs


Attention Nukapedia Shoppers

From the Bethesda Store
Steaming ahead
;heres an idea of the discounts you can expect on Steam

Wasteland 2

MCA on Wasteland 2

Mcawasteland2-2.png Mcawasteland2-3.png

Apparently we'll get to see the beta for ourselves in a few weeks.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

New Images
;We haven't covered much on TES-O, but it seemed a good time for an update
And some Heavy Armor

Project: Eternity

New Images
;Lastly, as we haven't covered this in even longer, heres a collection of images from Project Eternity

There's more over on the obsidian forums
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