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At Zenimax

All Change at Zenimax Online
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News from Zenimax online this week, there's big changes afoot in Elder Scrolls online, if you haven't played it, yet, it might finally be worth playing.

Firstly, Update 6 is about to hit. This is going to add some things that quite frankly were missing from the game at launch - The Justice System. Although not a common feature in MMO's, stealing and killing NPCs has been a major part of The Elder Scrolls series, well, since it began. There's

Second, as of March, the Elder Scrolls is going to buy-to-play, rather than Buy-and-subscribe-to-play... Meaning that if you've been avoiding the game because you hate subscriptions, its time to buy - you're probably going to get more gaming time for your buck than any other game out there.

Lastly, Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners will get to play Elder Scrolls Online in June, in a retail re-launch for all platforms called "The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited".
Adam and Jamie are doomed? Myth Confirmed.
Tune In Mythbusters Meets DOOM Next Weekend

Tune In Mythbusters Meets DOOM Next Weekend

Lastly the Bethesda Store is having a sale on Tshits, Hoodies and Art].

Out InXile

Inxile has announced another reboot/sequel to The Bards Tale, with the Bards Tale 4. Inxile are promsing more news, but as its a degree or so of separation from Fallout, we wont be covering it in too much detail

Josh Sawyer Says

jimmylethal asked: If the third floor of Gomorrah had made it into the final game, would it have had any reason to visit it? Using a mod gave me just a basic set of rooms with zero NPCs.

No, not really.  Gomorrah was always overly large and arguably should have been cut down even more than it was.  It had cool content, but the overall layout could be frustrating.

asklittlepip asked: Hey Josh, love your work (and I've sent msgs to that effect before ;)), but I have a question for you regarding Fallout: New Vegas. In that game, every ammo type can leave behind a shell casing or such, except for .22s. Did Fallout tech diverge to where caseless .22s became popular for silencers (which is exclusively what .22s are used for in NV)? Or are they simply "semi-caseless" and ya'll didn't want to fret over that? In-universe I could see lack-of-resource reasons to develop such a shot..

.22 Long Rifle comes in rimfire cartridges

Most firearm ammunition is what’s called centerfire.  The rear of the brass case holds a primer.  When the firing pin strikes the primer, the primer ignites the powder in the case and propels the bullet down the barrel.  When the case is ejected, the primer has been detonated but the surrounding brass is (usually) intact and can be re-used. During the reloading process, a new primer is fitted into the back of the case.

In rimfire ammunition, the rim of the case itself acts as the primer, but is destroyed in the process.  This makes reloading rimfire cases difficult and usually not worth the effort.  For that reason, our .22LR ammo in F:NV did not yield .22LR cases.


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