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Welcome to the Nukapedia news Digest. On the 4th day of Christmas the wiki gave to me, The Wiki’s new news…

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The Future of Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics

Get yours now, or wait and see?
Interplay Entertainment logo.png
Those of you who either remember our Bethesda v Interplay coverage, or have been watching the twitter account may recall that Interplay’s license to sell Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics ends at midnight on 31 December.

We’ve asked Pete Hines, VP of Marketing at Bethesda what will happen after this date, and haven’t received a positive response (just a “we’re working on it”)

However, there are some things to bear in mind

  • The older Elder Scrolls games are currently available for for download Arena here and Daggerfall here
  • Bethesda don’t currently sell any titles through
  • Bethesda did release an anthology edition of The Elder Scrolls series this year, including all games to date.
  • If you don’t want to risk missing out, Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics are currently reduced on steam to £1.74 (Please check steam for your local currency).
This is definitely the last Interplay story we’ll be running, unless by some random chance Project V13 shows up again. Given their website still encourages you to visit to have your say on their “new lineup of games for 2012”, we arent expecting anything.

Dateline: Rockville MD

Get yours now, or wait and see?

The Guys at Bethesda tweeted this pic with the following note:

We hear using irradiated water can turn a snowman into a snowghoul. Have a safe and happy holiday!
At the Beth store apparently “Everything is on sale” (but somehow some excisions still apply - guess everything means something else in Rockopolis) on with most items marked down 20%.


Buy Buy love
*On Steam, Fallout: New Vegas is 50% off, the ultimate edition 40% off
  • On Green Man Gaming Fallout 3 GOTY is 67% off, and 75% off for the vanilla version.


He's the man, the man with the big ass sword....
Chris Avellone tweeted this picture of his Fallout Lanius rewards arriving… looks like a good haul. LaniusRewards.jpg


Tactics ak47.png
This week we're sad to note the passing of Mikhail Kalashnikov, Aged 94. If his name seems familiar, its because it is.

Kalashnikov is of course famous for his namesake, the AK-47, Designed as a cheap yet reliable weapon it has arguably exceeded anyones expectations, becoming perhaps the iconic weapon of the 20th century. Kalashnikov was proud of his designed, although disappointed by its use by criminals and child soldiers.

Whilst the design was (surprisingly) not financially lucrative for Kalashnikov (or perhaps not when you remember that the USSR was a communist state), we was recognised with awards such as the Order of Lenin and the Hero of Socialist Labour.

The BBC has more.
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