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ryan-kerr asked: At any point in making Fallout: New Vegas did you consider combining Melee and Unarmed like First Aid and Doctor? The two skills are rather similar (punching someone and using an axe are different true, but so is using a knife and using a sledgehammer,) they appeal to a similar play style and in order for a Melee specialist to get some of the best Melee perks (e.g Piercing Strike and Slayer) they need a significant Unarmed skill even if they don't plan on using unarmed weapons. Thanks. I did consider that, but I considered it late in the development cycle.  Deciding what skills to combine or separate can be tricky for a number of reasons.  A distinguished play style or use between them is a good reason to separate them, e.g. Explosives plays pretty differently from Guns, but Guns doesn’t play dramatically different from Energy Weapons.  On the other hand, in a skill-based game, folding too many skills together can make characters feel overly similar.  If Melee and Unarmed were to remain separate in the future, I think they should feel more distinct in play.

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