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FO3 Nuka-Cola
Nuka Cola Trademarked

In what is truly a case of Closing the door after the brahmin has bolted, Bethesda has trademarked Nuka cola for use in Video games, Clothing, and more. This should affect the sale of Nuka Cola from certain german site, as they have their own trademark going back to 2011.

So maybe we’ll see some Nuka Cola stuff in the Bethstore, or maybe this is stopping anyone else doing it.
Wolfenstein The New Order -- Nowhere to Run Trailer

Wolfenstein The New Order -- Nowhere to Run Trailer

I gotta say, all of this music for Wolfenstein really is giving me big hopes for Fallout 4’s music.
The Onion takes on The Evil Within.
Apparently unafraid of Boxmen, the Onion Reports that Barbed Wire Manufactuers are up in arms about the negative portrayal of their product in game. We’d include the video, but The Onion would rather not use YouTube like everyone else on the planet, and insists on using their own player which we can’t embed.
Elder Scrolls Online
Not resting on their laurels, The Elder Scrolls Online crew are already taking their first “Adventure Zone” - Craiglorn
Craglorn ESO's First Adventure Zone

Craglorn ESO's First Adventure Zone

Ars Technica examines Steam sales rank and play time

Sales figures calculated
Interesting story this week on Ars Technica (here and here), a grown up technology site that despite its latin-sounding name has nothing to do with Caesar’s legion.  This story may just provide an answer to those of you who wonder why Bethesda have released TES Online this month, rather than Fallout 4 (the choice of course being false, TES:O was developed by a sister studio).

Pulling data from public steam profiles, Ars have attempted to determine which are the most popular games on the steam platform.  To determine this they’ve looked at the number of people who own a game, the number of people who have played a game, and the number of hours spent playing a game.  As fallout fans, this news may be shocking.

The most owned game on Steam is DOTA 2, with an estimated 25.93 million owners of this title.  The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim comes down in 14th at 5.94 Milion sales.  ‘’’Fallout New Vegas in Comparison has 2.6 Million sales’’’.

I did hear a few complaints back during the steam sales that people were buying more games than they had a chance to play, and this analysis proves you’re not alone.  0.3 Million people own, but have not yet played, Skyrim on Steam, whereas almost everyone who owns DOTA 2 has played it (0.03 million haven’t). ‘’’0.4 Million of you own but haven’t even started New Vegas! For Shame!’’’

Looking at the hours played, Skyrim players have racked up 632 million hours of playtime, making it the 6th most played game on Steam.  ‘’’Fallout: New Vegas is in slot 18 with 137 million hours’’’.  For comparison, number 1 is DOTA 2 with a massive 3,828 million hours played – more than double second place holder Team Fortress 2 (1,444 million).

The Top 6 games combined account for approximately half of all play time on steam  - That’s DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, Counter Strike: Source, Civilisation V and of course Skyrim. 9179 Million Hours have been played on those games since March 2009, compared to 9316 Million for every other game on steam!

It gets better for skyrim when you look at how much time individual players have spent in the game – the median number of hours a Skyrim player has spent in game is 106 hours, its only beaten by Football Manager! (for those of you who fell asleep in stats class, if you put all of the players data in order from highest to lowest, the median is the guy exactly in the middle).  Fallout doesn’t appear in this metric at all.

Now these figures do have to be taken with some salt – they are based on Steam only, not Games for Windows Live (like Fallout 3), and not console gamers; but my understanding is this is nothing new, I remember stories from about 10-15 years ago indicating that whilst Fallout 1/2 were popular, they didn’t have anything like the sales figures of Interplay’s Dungeons and Dragons games.

But 137 Million hours? If you have a theory why we’ve all been playing that long, please tell us in the comments!


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Happy Easter, from everyone at Nukapedia
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