Hi Folks, Just a bit of a newsflash to get you through to Friday.

Wasteland Kickstarter Closes

The Wasteland Kickstarter has closed with over $3 Million raised. If you've missed the kickstarter, Pre-orders are now available on the Wasteland Website for $20 a pop (thats $5 more than you could have paid had you joined us in the kickstatarter), and a shop for contributors is also on the cards.

The total amount raised will ensure Mac and Linux versions, Russian and Polish translations, Chris Avellone and Obsidian on board, and a mod-kit.

$3 Million in sales for a game that isn't even off the drawing board yet. Amazing.


You may remember that there was an "Ask me Anything" I mentioned being run on Redditt, unfortunately I haven't been able to update the last news post as I planned, but will be covering this in detail on Friday.

See you all then folks. Agent c 23:48, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

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