I've received the official OK to start spreading the news folks. Welcome to Nukapedia: The Fallout Wiki.

6 Jan 2012.

To mark the start of both a new year and a new era for the wiki, the community maintaining the wiki at proudly announces the official change of the sites name to NukaPedia: The Fallout Wiki, and welcome all visitors and potential editors to the site.

The site remains strong - celebrating its 15 000th page just days ago. This is despite a recent community split which saw the Vault and some notable regular users move to a new wiki. Despite the split, relations between the two communities remain strong with many users contributing to both sites, and content sharing deals between the sites under negotiation.

The wiki has also played an invaluable role in keeping the Fallout fan community informed on the Bethesda v Interplay case through access to court documents provided to it by friends of the wiki.

The new name, created and selected by the sites community reflects the wikis continued commitment to the Fallout series, and it's determination to continue on much like Humanity in the games themselves.

Newly Elected Bureaucrat Kingclyde has was quoted as saying "This vote signals a bright future for both Nukapedia, and the entire Fallout community, and stands as a shining beacon of democracy in the otherwise bleak wasteland"

For more information, or for any queries please contact Kingclyde at his talk page.

Yet again I am here to mess up Agent c's announcements. I'd like to make the community aware that a poll for changing the logo will be up soon, and more information can be found here.

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