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Fallout: The Apprentice 2012

As you'll probably remember from last week, our judges decided that the following contestants should "join them in the boardroom":

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The Old World Relics
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Dead Gunner
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Crimson Frankie
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But in a Twist, due to Ever Ruler dropping out, this was a vote to win the round, and thus be spared from elimination (as long as they aren't ranked fast and don't drop out) next week.

The Results

Well Nukapedia, here is how you voted:

With a whopping 58% of the vote, Yes Man has won his second week in a row! This means as long as he doesn't come last, he will not be eliminated next week.

Old World Relics followed on 38%, with 5% each for Frankie and Dragonborn, and 3% for Dead Gunner... But despite all of this, it is anyone's game - Anyone can win this (Well, any of our contestants).

Challenge 4 - 15 Years of Fallout Special

To Celebrate 15 years of Fallout, you've been commissioned* to pitch to Bethesda** a DLC concept to celebrate the Fallout series history.

Before we begin, I want to stress that you are not to design the whole DLC… That challenge would be a bit tricky for this stage in the challenge. This is to simply to pitch the broad concept, most of the details will be worked out by others in the team once a pitch is accepted.

The requirements are that the DLC must be for the most recent Fallout game (so Fallout New Vegas), and must feature a location from a previous canon Fallout game. You may have an easier time if you select Fallout 1 or 2 as the timeline and detail provided in these games will give you more to work from, however you may select Fallout 3, F:BOS or Tactics if you choose.
*No, not really
**Nope, sadly not

Your entry should be in two parts.

1: Tell us the location you've selected, and tell us why we should want to revisit it. You should give us a broad idea of the main quest that has brought us back to this location. You may find this easier if you write this as a memo format, or if you were giving us a speech.
2: Tell us how the location has changed since our last visit. You'll probably find this easier if you do this in wiki format.


  • Designing a whole DLC is too big a task for this stage in the game, you are not required to do this. The task is more about the location, and the changes since we last saw it. A timeline that makes sense is critical.
  • This has a lot of similarity to the "Design a town" challenge - you should make sure you hit the same points as that challenged needed (government, trade opportunities, etc). If you see this as "renovating" an existing town, and then telling us why you picked that one, you'll be most of the way there.
  • You should in broad strokes tell us about the quest that has brought us to this location, but do not give us fine detail. Give us a broad overview, but don't break the quest down point by point. 1-2 paragraphs in the pitch document is fine
  • Same goes for any side quests you choose to mention. You're not expected to list any of the side quests that would appear in a game, but if you have an NPC that is involved in a quest that you help thinks flesh out your town, feel free to give a paragraph or so on the quest.
  • Basically, in this challenge, remember that in the "roleplay" of the challenge you are just one person (albiet the creative head) in the team. You have a team thats going to do the fine detail if your pitch is selected.

NB - slight change of timeline on this one. Challenges will instead be due the Thursday 20 Sept, 23:59 Wiki time, leaving us the Friday for judging, and posting on the saturday. Voting will be left to run until 30 Sept, and the eliminated contestant announced that day.

Home Viewer Contest

Over the past 2 weeks, We've had 2 Home Viewer Entries for you to choose from:


Alternative Vote Page

Where's your entry? Check out the rules here and post a link to your entry in the comments below.

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