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Duck and Cover seem to have scooped me on this one, but through another source they have confirmed what we suspected - not only is a deal in the works, the deal is done. The Bethesda v Interplay court case is over.

We should soon hopefully have the actual results of the settlement - I'm hoping for perhaps when Interplay is set to again announce their earning results - Jan 4; but I really can't say for sure. You can rest assured I will post them as soon as I get them.

I can only speculate that this probably means Bethesda keeps Fallout, and Interplay get something - perhaps the MMO... But we'll soon know for certain.

Edit 5/12

Just in further news, DAC are now reporting that Bethesda has filed a motion to Dismiss with Prejudice. This means that the case will be closed completely and cannot be refiled. This should not be confused with Interplay winning, just that the services of the court are no longer required. I'm yet to see an earning report appear on the SEC website, but I will post more when I can get it.

Clarification: this is a joint motion. I now have access to this doc too.

Late breaking edit - the counting. Closing this to comments, head on over if you want to keep talking.

Agent c 03:44, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

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