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In Short

Bethesda might have registered and launched a new site with a countdown, and morse code message for for "11 December 2013""

The sites address is A WHOIS check reveals that the site is registered to Zenimax Media, at their corporate address. For those playing at home, Zenimax Media is the parent company of Bethesda Game Studios.

HOWEVER the IP address traces to a hosting facility in Poland ( This would appear an unusual choice - Most of Bethesda's facilities are of course in the USA, with some zenimax sister companies present France and Ireland. The site is registered through a completely different registrar than Bethesda usually uses (GoDaddy rather than CSC domains), and does not use the normal Zenimax name server, but its own. EDIT- Some traces, particularly on are tracing to US/Zenimax IP addresses.

The font looks similar to fonts previously used in fallout games.

The Site apparently contained java script files named "Fallout.js" (Removed before we could verify - EDIT , verified, thaks WishyWitchy), but still contains "Fallout.css" as the name for the sites style sheet.

This could be it... Or it could be another game... Or it could be a troll. There's no word yet on the Bethesda press site, nor have we received any emails from them, nor any tweets...


(We're adding to this as more appears, check back regularly)

There is also a tumblr attached to the site, showing some vault logos and the number 4 and 74A. They also give a date 12-7-2099. There are also reference to West-Tek... AKA the operators of The Glow.

There's also an embedded song... The Gunny has identified it as "To each his own", which was released by the Ink Spots on their "My Prayer" album. You can get it off iTunes cheap (Personally I like Whispering grass off the album, but this aint no music wiki).

There's also mention of "Ella Deux", our resident French speaking User:NukaTurtle tells us that "Elle" is she, and "Deux" means two, and suggests "She has two".... She has two what we wonder? Is it instead perhaps a reference to Ella Fitzgerald (as our resident Gunny suggests?)

There's also a french voice saying what appears to be:

"I wish you dreams without end, and the burning desire to make a few. I want you to love what is love and forget what should be forgotten. I wish you passions. I wish you silences. I wish you the songs of birds in the morning and the laughter of children. I hope you resist sinking, indifference, the negative virtues of our time. I especially wish you to be you.” (Then Gunshot bang, pip boy click, and to each his own by the Inkspots)

(Thanks GarouxBloodline)

There are also removed references to a "Target" called "JOHNNY CAVALDEZ".

On an image with a 4, there is a line "If a flame is to grow, there must be a glow". The Glow of course is a place... But the Church of the Cathedral called FEV "Holy Flame", which was developed in... The Glow.

Monthail in the comments has linked to What appears to be another recording in French, that appears to be a quote from a French Revolutionary.

An anon from the comments adds:

  1. 10.44.78 and it has the sound of a vault door opening and a man speaking in English through what sounds like a PA. He is saying "The Vault is being opened" at the beginning and in the end "God have mercy on our souls". Another user notes this is the same as is used in the overseers terminal in Vault 74 (thanks Presentable).

From The Gunny - A couple of other posts, too. One with a direct link to the timer site. Another listing the coordinates for Lost Valley State Park in Arkansas.

Further updates. Our Resident French speaking NukaTurtle tells us one now removed audio was of a piece by "Victor Hugo" called "Mes vers fuieraient doux et frêles.

Following that, was a poem by Jean Ferrat, called "Que serais-je sans toi", roughly meaning "What would I do without you". Anyone who is into serious French love poetry is clearly getting a workout. We cant work out however what the song in the background is.

Another item has replaced most of the existing ones


(Cavaldez? The target?)

Items seem to come and go on the tumblr. If you're monitoring it, please capture anything you find, I'll add it to this post as we can.

Twitter / tumblr Hacks

Something interesting from Broccoli.

On the twitter, you know in Fallout when you hack a computer and you type that stuff in before the guess options come up? I typed in all of that in a tweet. The guy played along.
I said "Cauliflower" to see if we could get some vowels
for the first attempt
He then replied and said I had a second attempt and listed six password guesses
Since then the Tumblr has added...



And has begun to post Captain Maxson's diary. For those who want to avoid the detail, it is a record of the events at the Mariposa Military Base as the great war started. Captain Maxson Discovered the FEV experiments going on in the site, and decided to head to the Lost Hills Bunker, where ultimately he founded the Brotherhood of Steel.


It seems we might be about to learn who Ella is.... or perhaps not, it tweeted again


And it seems Ella has a twitter account too


The Accounts arent the same in the accounts they follow, but they include Fallout, BGS studios, bethblog, Tumblr, and Erik Dellums, iwth Fallout, BGS studios and bethblog consistent across the two.

Related update -Void Engine

It might be time to start believing. A trademark application has been spotted for a "void" engine based on ID tech, and the tumblr has recieved some strange updates.

Breaking news Fallout 4

But back on that site

They've moved IP addresses. The site is now hosted on which whislt being a US IP address registered in Baltimore (So close to Rockville its a reasonable airport to fly to if you were to visit), it is not registered to Zenimax, but to Reliable hosting. In contrast... points to - which are named as being owned by Zenimax Media Directly.

Fallout 4 Trademarked in Europe

GpCifT6 EuropeanTrademark1 EuroTrademark2

Thank you BillyOcean User:Old World Wanderer and negativefeed on Reddit.

Application fees for European Trademarks start around 1000 euro, and you'd probably need a lawyer to help.

This doesnt prove the original site. It doesnt neccessarily mean there is a link - it could be a long planned denfensive registration. But, it does suggest this might be plausable.

Tumblr sites... fake?!?

While the original website is still possibly authentic especially with Fallout 4 being trademarked by Bethesda being revealed here, it seems that our tumblr sites might be nothing more than parasites leeching off of the Fallout 4 hype. Why is it that this might be so? Because it appears that they may be ripping off other artists' work and copying it over to tumblr to make them appear as Fallout teasers. Let us break down what we've seen so far:

  • Vault 74a was merely a test site for G.E.C.K. users in Fallout: New Vegas. As well as being a test cell not meant for actual gameplay, a quote taken from a transcript there was replicated verbatim on the tumblr site.
  • Copied from here -

"Okay, everybody, I’ve got some bad news for us.

So, you all may remember Transmission (which was deleted, but I downloaded it before it went down)

You can listen to it here

Now, it sounds pretty high quality, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t expect that to come from some fan at home, it sounds pretty legit.

I’ve figured out that’s because it’s just been yanked from a youtube video and slowed down. This youtube video, in fact. When you listen to it, it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to see that it is anything but the same voice.

It says explicitly on the video that this recording cannot be used for any purpose unless you email the person first, so I took it upon myself to email the person listed. The email came back as the account being deactivated, proving that in no way Bethesda could have contacted the man who read these poems. In the industry, if you buy something from someone, you delete the original. The fact that this poem (as well as another, the Ella Deux's Jacques Brel poem) are directly yanked, clearly unlawfully, from this youtube channel, something Bethesda would never do, proves to me that 12072299 is not affiliated with Fallout in any official capacity.

I’d also like to mention the fact that they are simply picking up things from the Fallout wiki, cut content from other games, and dropping it into their own, habitually messed up (remember the Boston vs. Arkansas thing?) plot.

This does not mean I do not think is false. This only means that I now know that 12072299 is not affiliated with Bethesda."

  • And as a third piece of evidence that the tumblr sites are fake, a Buffout sticker was shown on their site, which is, in reality, the property of a well know Fallout prop maker on DeviantArt.

We'll let the fans decide on what this all could possibly mean - although it does base itself on the assumption that the deactivated email was the only way to contact the user (amongst others). Thanks to Wishywitchy for the second piece of evidence.

Wiki matters

We don't know what this is... But will have more as we get it. News Digest will probably go up a little earlier tonight to cover all the details. We'll be rechecking and retracing the site looking for more clues. Stay tuned

Just a note, can we please avoid using any of this content on wiki pages until/unless we can verify what we have. Thanks.
Also, I think this is the first time we used our new breaking news logo.... Thanks to Nukaturtle for this. Think you've seen it on the Wiki news digest? Look closer!
We'll have a special Nukapedia News Digest out tomorrow with all of the information condensed.
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